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    Default Catwoman 29 Review—Spoilers (but not many)

    Something Wight Witch’ed this way comes. Selina keeps getting dragged down the rabbit hole of the new designer markweed drug gaining popularity in Gotham...

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    I like the name Wight Witch and I like the design.
    I don't know how to reconcile badass edgy Riddler who carved the mark on his chest with the usual weenie Riddler that seems to be back though. It feels like as he grow older he began to regret the decision in his youth. So guess that's the reconciliation.

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    Such a biased review score. It would make you think that Catwoman is the most compelling protagonist and her villains are good antagonists to her. If the issue is rated 9.2 out of 10 then many other issues of other comics would be rated 10 out of 10.

    Dont you have more specific breakdowns for your scores?

    Its so bad that art alone occupies 60% of the scoring system.
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    This was the first issue of Catwoman I've bought/read in a while.

    Wasn't all that impressed by the earlier parts of the issue with Selina's strays and her at home in Alleytown, but the pages with Ivy and Riddler were interesting enough for me to consider buying issue #30 later this month.

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