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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonPiece View Post
    Well, hopefully the next 20 issues Hickman actually manages to do some good character work in between all of that world building. Because as a huge fan of his, I feel his stint on the main book has not been his best work. Which is a shame because of how well done house of x and powers of x are. Maybe a team book will get him to focus in better.
    Character work I can agree with but worldbuilding wise it blows anything he's done with FF and Avengers out the water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunofdarkchild View Post
    Did Empath really come in just his Hellions uniform? I thought his pride as a De La Rocha wouldn't allow him to do that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dipter View Post
    Been asking to see Scott's dick for years, but instead they show me Beast's smh
    Scott IS a dick!

    Quote Originally Posted by superjosh View Post
    Where is BISHOP??? This is event is centered around Gerry Duggan's Marauders and half the team ain't even around (just like in the series itself lol)!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Krakoa View Post
    Not optimistic and would like to see Bishop and Iceman, but holding out some hope. The covers are really only showing the cast of each series and Marauders' cover only shows Emma, so the rest of the cast may be in there.
    I expect to see the whole Hellfire Trading Company crew there and am curious as to what they will be wearing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kitty&Piotr<3 View Post
    Add Kwannon and these are THE X-Women to me. This Planet-Size cover is everything. Just missing Fun Betsy/Kwannon.

    Also, is Kurt drinking with little Pixie? What the hell?
    Who is the baby on the WoX cover?

    I'm also curious as to the identities of the couples dancing in the bubbles on the X-Factor cover.
    Here's the thing;

    I don't care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Criticalfan View Post
    They need to do a Gala Special, collect the sketchbooks, covers, etc.. Like Scott & Jean's wedding special issue from the 90's.

    Gather all this stuff in one place = Printing money.
    My post is a NFT and marvel owes me a gazillion dollars

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