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    Saw this on an FB page called RayPunk:

    Quote Originally Posted by ducklord View Post
    I'm always torn about how to "connect" the golden age hawks to the silver age ones. Now that there's some considerable temporal distance between the two, the notion of the Golden Age Hawks visiting Thanagar and inspiring the Hawk Police isn't quite as hokey. If Katar and Shayera are showing up on Earth a full, let's say, 60 years after Carter and Shiera's visit, that feels less like "this is the best explanation we could come up with," and more like "somewhat organic storytelling."

    I'd probably leave Kendra's origin closer to her original one, though. But that's just me.
    Thanks. Though I think future stories will just have them be reincarnations of the Egyptian Hawks. I still prefer them as separate characters though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Venus View Post
    Saw this on an FB page called RayPunk:

    Looks like concept art for a Hawkworld movie.

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