Initially when Hickman came on board with House of X + Powers of X I was very intrigued by what he was bringing to the table like Claremont, Morrison, Whedon. Initially I found HoX more interesting than PoX. I also thought this was going to be a more concentrated & focused stories between a few books and slowly build on that, but I feel like there has been a repeat of the past of just throwing out various books just to make a quick buck managed by various writers instead of it being totally managed by Hickman himself. Now it just seems like a total mess with a few books less interesting than the next. The concept of Krakoa and having its hero’s and villain’s (some worse than others) living in harmony in some garden of eden a concept that has quickly fizzled out. Some plots have been more interesting than others, but not enough to make me purchase any books. One thing I can’t stand is a lot of times a lot of popular past stories keep getting recycled over and over, deaths mean nothing and don’t have any meaning anymore, and the constant release of books that have no real identity or purpose has caused me to step away. Hopefully things and stories will improve by Hickman taking full control and reeling the X-line back down to 5 core books or so