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well considering what we know now about Moira, Xavier and Magneto having advanced knowledge of future events and the fact that for all intents and purposes mutants are now immortal; what's the issue? Xavier was planning for this by dealing with Sinister to get mutant DNA and I'm sure every mutant that "died" during M-day has been resurrected. At this point it comes off as pettiness, I'm alive again and I can be resurrected anytime, I live on an island that caters to my every want and need but I want revenge/vengeance on the pretender because I'm still mad. So I guess every human that has been harmed/wronged by mutants should have the same mindset, although no human killed at the hand of a mutant is being resurrected. Funny that.
Is that even a issue among mutants? I mean, the name of Cassandra Nova is not anymore mentioned and she has done greater harm than Wanda to the mutants…

I have the impression that Wanda’s name is used for rhetoric.