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    Default Pitch A Magical Event

    Pretty self-explanatory. JLD has consistently been the superior team book since its relaunch in 2018, and Id love to see DC trust Ram V with crafting an event to involve all of the magical DC characters. Include titles/minis youd like to see to add to this story, and have fun.

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    The Red Throne

    When a new demon lord makes a bid for the throne of hell, the various lords of hell find themselves making an unlikely alliance with the forces of Heaven to maintain the balance. Features Neron, Zauriel and Linda Danvers.

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    I got it, and it will fit perfectly with something DC teased before. I present Infinite Wonder

    Basically the vast omniverse is opened to the dc universe now, and while some may focus on what lies out there in space no one has yet to question the vast amount of magic that has opened up now that the multiverse has returned older worlds and opened to new worlds entirely. Last time this happened the JLD faced the evil of the upside down man, but awaits them now in the greater omniverse, including perhaps a multiverse of magic never before seen and worlds of untapped potential or danger.
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    Lord of the Rings
    In the ancient times, a Guardian traveled to Earth and experimented with Lantern Ring technology with magic as the source.
    The Guardian forged seven powerful magic rings that taps into seven aspects of magical essence.
    Recent events revealed the secret of these rings being still hidden on Earth.
    The Ring of the Green, a ring that gives you control all plants, Swamp Thing must find this ring.
    The Ring of the Red, a ring that gives you control over all animals, Animal Man must find this ring.
    The Ring of the Black, the ring that gives you control over all dead things, and Anton Arcane is searching for it, Abigail must find it before he does.
    The Ring of Order, the ring that gives you control over magic of order, Zatanna and Doctor Fate knows where this ring is, but they maybe too late.
    The Ring of Chaos, and Mordru already has it.
    The Ring of Gods, destroyed by the Greek Gods, or so they say, but Circe finds something interesting.
    The Ring of Demons, Etrigan fights the other demons for this ring as it would give you the power to rule all of Hell.
    But they were all of them deceived, for another ring was made, the Guardian forged in secret, a master Ring,
    One Ring to rule them all,One Ring to find them,One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
    Only John Constantine might be able to find this ring, but will he be corrupted by its power?

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