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    Anyone want to help fill out a list of recommended reads for these characters? A lot of more casual fans like the idea of the game but don't really know much about the characters in the stretch goals. I know who they are, but haven't read much for a lot of them. So I'm looking to identify 2-3 iconic/important/essential stories/series/arcs/runs for each character to recommend to people.

    Polaris - Peter David x factor starting with 71, all new xfactor (2014) Peter david, uncanny x-men 475-486
    Strong guy -
    Boom boom - xforce by Hopeless (2012)
    Long shot - Longshot mini series 1985, uncanny xmen annual 10 1986 and continuing til 248, xfactor 35 - Nov 2008
    Magik - Magik the 80s series, x-infernus, inferno, new mutants (2010 version but I guess any would do)
    Warpath - x men v4, x-force v2
    Phoenix (Rachel summers) - rise and fall of the shiar empire?
    Sunfire - uncanny avengers
    Fantom - reminder uncanny xforce
    Captain Britain
    Multiple man - Peter David xfactor
    Weapon x
    Pixie - Fraction's uncanny x-men
    Kitty pryde - Wolverine and Kitty Pryde, Whedon's astounding...wouldn't really put her in the more obscure pile, but I just copied from the kickstarter list.

    Legion - Careys Xmen v2 featured him I think. And Spurrier's Legion series.
    Namur- gillen uncanny xmen, Hickman's New Avengers maybe.

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    Additional suggestions:

    Dazzler - solo series, Claremont's Outback era
    Firestar - 80's Firestar limited series, New Warriors v.1, Marvel Divas
    Warpath - UXM #193
    Phoenix (Rachel summers) - UXM #199, Excalibur v.1 (#1-75),
    Wolfsbane - New Mutants v.1, X-Force v.3, X-Factor Investigations
    Blink - the most popular version of this character is actually from an alternate reality, so Age of Apocalypse event and Exiles v1
    Fantomex - Morrison's New X-Men, Spurrier's X-Force
    Captain Britain - Excalibur v1
    Multiple man - Madrox, X-Factor Investigations
    Weapon X - 80's Weapon X miniseries
    Pixie - Academy X: Childhood's End, Pixie Strikes Back, X-Men: Second Coming - Hellbound
    X-23 - X-23: Innocence Lost, X-23 v1, All New Wolverine v1
    Mirage - New Mutants v.1, New Mutants v.2, New Mutants v.3
    Kitty Pryde - Excalibur v.1

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    Some suggestions for mah faves:

    Horsemen of Apocalypse (Famine, Pestilence, War) - X-Factor #19, Fall of the Mutants (X-Factor #24-26)

    Deathbird - Ms. Marvel #9-10, Uncanny X-Men #274-277

    Spiral - Longshot #1-6, X-Factor Annual #7, Mr. and Mrs. X #7-10

    Feral - X-Force #40-41

    Brotherhood (Pyro, Blob, Toad) - X-Force #6-9, X-Men Annual #2

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    Polaris- New X-Men 132, Uncanny X-Men 380, Uncanny X-Men 443

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    Latest reveals: Guardian, Puck, Dark Phoenix... and the Fantastic Four?

    Didn't see that one coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by salarta View Post
    Segregates Polaris to being defined by X-Factor because their nostalgia says so, not touching it.
    I wasn't at all a fan of the X-Factor figure or write up they had for her either. Hopefully they get to another iteration.

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    Down to about the last 30 hours.

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    They added Old Man Logan! Wow. My favorite version of the character ever. Nice.

    Quick question: do these figures come colored/painted or do you have to paint them yourself like those Crisis Protocol figurines?

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    They just come in the basic colors (blue: hero, red: villain, purple: anti-hero). So they'd need to be painted.

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    Latest reveals and moving into the final stretch:
    Sasquatch (in progress)

    20 hours to go.

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    And Nightcrawler appears!

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    Avalanche, Sasquatch, Nightcrawler, and Super Skrull added. Cloak and Dagger in progress. With the FF in, there's now a lot of yammering for Galactus in this X-Men game. XD

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    Avalanche, mah love. I'm a little sad he can't replace Toad with the Brotherhood people, but whatevs. He's in the game and I'm def gonna use him. I love the 1vAll mode they added where you can take over as the villain and kill your friends.

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    The campaign just ended with $5,988,089, which is INSANE for a board game Kickstarter.

    If nothing else, even if you hate the art style, this shows that the X-Men brand is still going stronger than ever. This game beat out the original which focused on the MCU, plus is on the top 10 most funded board games of all time. No small feat. I love it.

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    Heartening to see! Some of that boost was likely because of the re-issues of the original base game, but the X-Men were holding their own!

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