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  • Yes! I'm not happy with the team's looks

    27 46.55%
  • Yes, but I guess they look ok already

    15 25.86%
  • I don't care either way.

    8 13.79%
  • No, I love their current looks

    8 13.79%
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    Just my opinion but Jean looks horrible. Her miniskirt was cute... in the 60’s! She just looks so out of place. Both the outfit and moniker of Marvelgirl need to be retired. I don’t understand why this particular look is being forced when no explanation has truly been given to justify this regression of her character. All of the members should have gotten individual yet complimenting uniforms, especially Jean. I’m sorry that I am bitter it’s just that Jean is my favorite character and she deserves better.

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    Jean's supposed to be in her late-twenties, right? My biggest struggle with her look and name in this era is that as someone in the same age bracket, I can't connect at all with with why, in universe, she would choose both the mini-skirt outfit and use the Marvel Girl name. If she were 22, I could buy it, but someone 27 or older? Nah. It's sad, because I love her Gala look. With a few tweaks, it would be a sick battle uniform.

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    I really like the current costumes but I would also like to see new costumes.
    You brought back Wolverine

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