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    Default Kolin vs Tyrian Callows

    Kolin, Gill's right hand woman from the Street Fighter series


    Tyrian Callows, Salem's pet psycho from RWBY

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    Does Kolin really have feats? I thought we just see her in game and then some cutscenes are just her talking.
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    She beat Guile at some indeterminate point before Nash was resurrected and was Nash's overseer.

    That's about it. Juri calling her out implies she might be hovering around her level, but her inability to do anything when Urien stepped up also implies she has a fixed ceiling in her usage of Gill's power - also Urien is up there.

    ...oh, she returned the keys of Dudley's Jaguar back to him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grampagen View Post
    Is it me or is she acting kinda Tsundere there?
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