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    Quote Originally Posted by jwatson View Post
    Those things are beautiful. One of the few books i will never get rid of. I love seeing it in black and white. I have the xmen vol 1 and 2 and a fantastic four one. I was so mad i left them in the attic in ct and then forgot them my last visit. lol
    Absolutely, I always thought it was a no brainer to reprint them and sell em for like $10.

    Hell I would even take them if they were printed on newspaper print

    Quote Originally Posted by gonnagiveittoya View Post
    I got them through my local library, fwiw

    The library coming through again.

    In San Francisco my public library has a decent amount of stuff, but nothing from that era

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    I read sporadically in the 90’s but I did love the cartoons. What really got me hooked was Ultimate X-Men by Millar in the early 00’s. His run was so perfect imho. I pretty much read only the Ultimate Universe for like my first 5 or more years of reading comics, I tried a few 616 titles but wasn’t super into them. What got me into 616 was the fact that Ultimatum happened, I discovered Morrison’s New X-Men and then finally Remender’s Uncanny X-Force made me love comics again like the Ultimate X-Men first did.
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    I really loved Claremont's stuff: Dark Phoneix Saga, Days of Future Past, the Outback era, New Mutants & Excalibur His impact on the books and characters cannot be overstated. I also have a lot of love for the Age of Apocalypse, Grant Morrison's run, Kyle & Yost's New X-Men and X-Force, House of M, most of Whedon's Astonsihing X-Men, Remender's X-Force and everything Carey has done. I'm also really enjoying this new era with Hickman and his team. It is the best the books have been in a long time in my opinion.
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