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    Default Space Invaders movie

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    Well yeah, aliens from space are invading and you need to stop them.
    I think restorative nostalgia is the number one issue with comic book fans.
    A fine distinction between two types of Nostalgia:

    Reflective Nostalgia allows us to savor our memories but accepts that they are in the past
    Restorative Nostalgia pushes back against the here and now, keeping us stuck trying to relive our glory days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by choptop View Post
    The same one as a hundred other aliens invasion movies.

    That's so cynical though, make a random alien movie and stick the "Space Invaders" name on it lol to lure some geeks in with cheap nostalgia candies.

    How to blame them? It's most likely going to work.

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    Do the kids even give a shit about the name Space Invaders anymore? Flappy Bird probably has more cultural cachet by this point.

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