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Thread: Public Funerals

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tami View Post
    I appreciate the comments, but most seem to be way off the topic.

    When the News is broadcasting the funeral for Daunte Wright when public figures like Amy Klobuchar and Rev. Al Sharpton are attending, are they there because of Daunte Wright? Or are they there for what he represents? Does it make a difference? Same for others like him and like George Floyd.
    No shade Tami, I feel you are asking a Black people question. Is this the case?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Surf View Post
    No shade Tami, I feel you are asking a Black people question. Is this the case?
    It works out that way, though it's not intentional or the point.

    Maybe it's just that, I'm bothered a little that the cause of a person's death and the person themselves are being confused. I'm not saying this to say anything bad or negative about George Floyd or Daunte Wright or anyone else. None of them set out to become martyrs, they didn't go to war overseas knowing that they might die in combat, they were just living their lives and then they were murdered.

    It's horrible and tragic and never should have happened.

    I guess if the families of those who were killed are alright by having their loved ones' funerals made into, and I'm not even sure what the right words are, nationally televised events, then that is what is best for them.

    Maybe it's this: Nancy Pelosi's stunningly tone-deaf quote on George Floyd

    "Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice," Pelosi said at an event with the Congressional Black Caucus shortly after the verdict. "For being there to call out to your mom, how heartbreaking was that," Pelosi said during the news conference. "And because of you ... your name will always be synonymous with justice."
    I'm not sure if I stated this well enough.
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    Well, in New Orleans, many funerals involve a wake or second line kind of thing. Most I've been to have been very wonderful social experiences. Mourning with others tends to be uplifting, not the opposite. You don't have to have any particular religious belief to be lifted in some kind of spiritual way. And just attending is usually a great show of support for the grievers.
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    Thats part of the issue with funerals for symbols - everyone who sees them as representative of something sees that representation in their own way. And possible the different ways could be in conflict.

    Its an extreme example, but some Republicans will see the funeral as representing a miscarriage of justice. Loudly. Would the family want that as well? Can't bathe a baby without having some bathwater.
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    It can be cathartic. I disagreed with almost every policy John McCain championed, but i grieved for him. Largely because - especially at the time - it felt like American desires of being a better people, and politicians putting duty first, died with him. But, when I was done weeping over his funeral, it got me off my ass and trying to do something about making - rather than just enduring - the government that rules us. May lose, but I'm trying.

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