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    Default Rumblers League (Live Action) - Team Profiles

    Put your team profiles here.

    Reminder, when it comes to equipping characters with items...

    - Minimum spend of 10 points per character (so a 3 point character with a 7 point item, for instance).
    - Maximum spend of 30 points per character (meaning if a character costs 10 points, you can add a maximum of 20 points' worth of items to him/her/it).
    - Character and item values must be included in profiles.
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    - Sinestro is a veteran Green Lantern with a ruthless streak. With his indomitable will, he is an expert at using his Power Ring. With it, he can create constructs that are limited only by his own imagination. These constructs include functioning complex items that mimic the materials they are made of. He can also fly and is protected from the harsh environment of space.
    - With the Eye of Sin implanted in his right eye socket, he gains Shazam-level superhuman speed, strength and durability, as well as flight, a regenerative healing factor and the ability to generate and manipulate electrical energy. He also gains control over seven demons; Lust, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Gluttony, Greed and Envy. Although, when these demons are unleashed, he temporarily loses the superpowers granted by the Eye of Sin.
    - He's also wearing a psychic resistant helmet that renders him immune to telepathic assaults.

    - Simply put, Savitar is comfortably the fastest character in the league. A future version of Barry Allen, he is so fast that he makes other speedsters seem like ordinary runners. High-tech gadgets perceive him as being in several locations across a city simultaneously. He can traverse dimensions, absorb energy, hit really hard and, thanks to his armour, is stronger and more durable than the average speedster. He also has limited illusion-casting and telepathic abilities.
    - With the Subjekt-11 Formula, he's now on par with Superman in terms of his strength and durability. With the added strength in his legs, this should also make him faster. Imagine how hard he'll hit when combining his speed with his newfound strength!
    - He's in possession of the Time Stone (his newfound durability means he’s more than capable of wielding it), which will be incorporated into his armour. This gives him complete control over the very fabric of time itself.
    - He is holding the head of the Keeper of the Name. When its mouth is torn open, it will say Jasmine's real name, which removes her hypnotic power completely.


    General Zod (DCEU) 10
    - Reality Stone (MCU) 9

    - General Zod is a Kryptonian war criminal and a former military leader. As a Kryptonian, he's one of the most formidable combatants in the competition, possessing the powers of superhuman strength, speed and durability, as well as flight, heat vision and X-ray vision. He's also a very skilled combatant, thanks to his military training.
    - He's absorbed the Reality Stone (in its liquid/sludge form), becoming one with it like Malekith did, increasing his size and innate power dramatically. Given how powerful a being he is, he's more than capable of doing this. With it, reality can be whatever he wants it to be (ranging from transmuting objects/individuals to changing entire environments on a massive scale).


    Surtur (MCU) 7
    - Eternal Flame (MCU) 7

    - Surtur is a Fire Demon and the unquestioned ruler of the fiery realm of Muspelheim. With his Fire Demon physiology, he is both insanely strong and durable (capable of fighting Thor), and has the ability to create and manipulate fire for a variety of purposes (mainly offensive).
    - Having been united with the Eternal Flame, Surtur is now a gigantic kaiju-sized monster, wielding his enormous Twilight Sword, and is capable of destroying the realm/planet of Asgard with consummate ease (a sequence that included killing a being as powerful as Hela and swatting the Hulk away like a fly).


    Voldemort (Harry Potter Movies) 6
    - Extremis (MCU) 7
    - Bloodshot Nanites (Bloodshot) 4
    - Absorption of Dark Willow Magic (Buffyverse) 7

    - Lord Voldermort is one of the most powerful magic users in the Harry Potter universe and the most dangerous dark wizard in history. He has complete mastery over magic and, combined with his vicious and megalomaniacal personality, he's an incredibly formidable opponent. He is highly masterful in the use of all three Unforgivable Curses and his specific powers include necromancy, elemental control, apparition (teleportation), occlumency, legilimency, possession, flight, control over animals, transfiguration and alchemy.
    - With Extremis, he gains enhanced strength and durability, incredible regenerative healing and the ability to shoot energy from his mouth.
    - With the Bloodshot Nanites, he becomes something of a cyborg and gains further strength and durability, as well more incredible healing abilities.
    - Dark Willow's magic enhances his magical prowess in general. It also lets him absorb life and magic from others, makes him nigh-impervious to physical damage, gives him more healing powers (as well as the ability to heal others), grants him powerful energy blasts, lets him locate people and objects at a distance (even when they're theoretically protected from such spells), gives him the ability to emit high-pitched shrieks in frequencies harmful to human ears, and grants him telekinesis and telepathic mind control (as well as abilities he already possesses, such as flight, teleportation and more).


    - Victor Von Doom is a Latverian computer genius. Due to an accident on Planet Zero, Von Doom was exposed to the planet's energies. As a result, he gained telekinetic abilities that enabled him to make people explode, rip metal doors off their hinges with a mere thought, and manipulate large areas of the land itself on Planet Zero. He also became highly durable, with the added bonus of a telekinetic force field that effortlessly blocked bullets.
    - With the MITRE headset, his psionic abilities are massively amped. It enabled a child (whose telekinesis hadn't even manifested prior to him wearing it) to move the moon - so just imagine how much it will enhance Doom. Now, he can use his existing telekinetic abilities on a more cosmic scale.
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    Kaiju for Life-u

    Time for Monkeying Around
    Sun Wukong (The Monkey King Trilogy) 10

    "The Great Sage Equal to Heaven" has a great many tricks and powers he likes to use in combat. Shapeshifting (which he can do quickly and on the fly), flying, mountain busting super strength, short range teleporting, a large degree of toughness and a surprising tolerance for pain are amongst them. He also acquired the glowing eyes that see through Illusions and detect power, and a staff that held down the seas (or something, the point is it was super heavy and made a tsunami when he pulled it up.) which changed size and became his standard staff. It can grow or shrink at his command.

    He assaulted Heaven at the end of the first movie, where he showed the power to self-replicate by turning his hairs into copies of himself. Between him and his duplicates he was mowing down the Armies of Heaven by the thousands as well as wrecking most of Heaven's architecture. They were pretty much featless mooks, but it still looked cool. He then fought the Jade Emporer and the Demon Buffalo King, culminating in a giant monster battle.

    In the second movie he also showed his casual use of Transformation powers after he beat a dragon. In the final fight with the White Bone Spirit he showed not only a telekinetic control over his staff, but that he could do the self replication without using his hair, making energy copies instead.

    Have You seen my New TIE?:
    Darth Vader (Star Wars) 5
    -- Xilien Mothership w/ Monsters (Godzilla: Final Wars) 10

    A ship hosting some of Godzilla’s most powerful foes, and enough mutagenic energy to morph them into a super beast if it is destroyed. Being flown by the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader. On the plus side if the ship is breached Darth Vader is much better at close combat than the Xiliens.

    Rita Their Rights!:
    Rita Repulsa (MMPR) 7
    -- Sentinel (X-Men: DoFP) 7
    -- Box of Gavrok (Buffyverse) 7

    The so-called Mistress of Magic, she is one of the longest running of the Power Rangers’ villains. Shehad the power to make monsters out of ordinary stuff, making them grow, and other magic spells and such.

    She now has a magic box with “About fifty billion” demon-spiders inside. Each of these was a monster capable of killing people. Of course as an powerful caster, Rita has no need to carry the box herself. She has Puttys to do that for her. It will start the battle near her.

    She also has at her command a Mark 10 Sentinel straight from the Days of Future Past. They have adaptive capabilities, head based lasers, flight and anti-mutant powers. They are made of non magnetic polymers making them immune to Magneto and EMPs. They are also equipped with X-Gene detectors so even shapeshifters couldn’t hide from them.

    It's So Evil Being Green
    Tommy Oliver (Power Rangers) 4
    -- Radioactive Spider Bite (Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy) 6

    The most powerful of the Power Rangers, capable of beating them all in hand to hand, and wrecking the Command Tower multiple times, The Green Ranger Tommy is once again being Evil in the service of Rita. He once punched the Megazord SO hard it exploded!

    As he is just the best at everything, he is capable of beating armies or putties or vastly more powerful foes, like a morphed Ranger even without morphing himself. And as one of the Evil Guys he's not bound by any of those Oaths of non-escalation. Which means he can bring in the ridiculously powerful DragonZord whenever he wants.

    All Serpents Great and Small
    Basilisk (Harry Potter) 9
    -- Enlarged by Rita Repulsa's Wand (Power Rangers) 8

    The Legendary King of Snakes, the Basilisk is a giant snake-monster whose venom is so deadly as to cut through most any protection, and the power to kill anyone who looks directly into its eyes. However even if one only sees its eyes INDIRECTLY like a reflection or through a camera, they are still permanently frozen in position until they receive powerful healing magic. This was also what happened if someone already dead saw the Basilisk's eyes at all.

    Now being blown up so it's as tall as a ten story building, it's eyes will be both huge and hard to miss, and it's fangs will be big enough to poison even the mighty Godzilla!

    Master of Mortars
    Magneto (X-Men Movies: Young) 8
    -- Star Blade (Smallville) 9
    -- Real World Gun of Choice (Real World) 1

    The Master of Magnetism, you know his stuff. He can fly, make Forcefields and throw LOTS of metal around. The wiki doesn't say anything about him being depowered after the events of X-Men Apocalypse, so I'm forced to assume it's the pole-shifting planet-spinning power level of Magneto that was seen in that movie. In addition, he has a helmet capable of stopping even Xavier at close range while he has it on.

    While he normally doesn't need such things, he thought it darkly ironic that mankind's greatest gun, and a testament to their warlike nature would be turned and used against them. The largest and most powerful gun ever constructed; it was capable of blowing up munitions depots more than 30 meters underground. With his powerful Magnetic powers he can not only aim and fire it with minimal effort, but reload more quickly and efficiently than human soldiers ever could.

    All this BEFORE we turned him into a Kryptonian with powers far beyond that of mortal comprehension with the Palak.

    Termination of ALL Life Forms
    T-800 (Terminator Movies) 2
    -- Plastic Gun w/ Mutant Cure Darts (X-Men: The Last Stand) 3
    -- Pistol with Adamantium Bullets (X-Men Movies) 4
    -- Darkest Timeline Paintball Gun (Community) 5

    T-800 is both extremely accurate, even with traditionally inaccurate weapons, and hard to kill. He is armed with a plastic gun that shoots mutant cure darts. As it is plastic Magneto can't sense or stop them. He has a gun with adamantium bullets, which is apparently capable of shooting through adamantium skeletons and killing Wolverine clones. And also he has a gun that shoots paintballs that dump people into an alternate dimension, ringing them out instantly.

    Ain't No Party Like a Godzilla Party!
    Godzilla (2000) 9
    -- House Party Protocol Iron Man Armours (MCU) 9
    -- J.A.R.V.I.S. (MCU) 2

    He's Godzilla, Atomic breath, super Regen, etc.

    The House Party Protocol involved all the Iron Man Armors coming to fight. They were controlled by Jarvis, but as we are a little far away from Avengers Tower, I bought JARVIS along to all these other worlds. He controlled all the suits with military precision. So we have an army of Ironmen working for us.
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    Jean Grey (X-Men Movies - Young) 10 + Shocked by Genetically Altered Eels (The Amazing Spider-Man 2) 7 Staff of Devosynn, The (Buffyverse) 2 = 19

    An immensely powerful Psychic, with the ability to transform into electricity, and a magical mind dominating staff

    Flash (DCEU) 9 + Mimetic Polyalloy Upgrade (Terminator Genysis) 6 + Terrigenesis upgrade, Joey Gutierrez (MCU) 4 + Medusa's Head w/ Bag (Clash of the Titans Original) 9 + Kungai Demon's Tak Horn (Buffyverse) 2 = 28
    A speedster capable of travelling fast enough to travel through time, now made of living metal and with the ability to control metal, plus a head that turns people to stone and a horn that drains the life out of people.

    Cyborg (DCEU) 7
    + Mutari Generator, The (Buffyverse) 3 + Protection Amulet (Charmed) 5 + Terrigenesis upgrade, Yo-Yo (MCU) 5 +Sarcophagus Crystal (Buffyverse) 2 = 22

    A cybernetic technopath given Superspeed with a twist, two different flavors of magical defenses, and a power removing laser canon

    Adam Monroe (Heroes) 2 + Draconian Katra (Buffyverse) 2+ Neuralyzer (Men in Black) 6 = 10

    An immortal samurai with a magical device that lets him switch bodies with others, and a device that erases memories

    Hal Jordan (Green Lantern Movie) 9 + Band of Blacknil (Buffyverse) 2 = 10

    A space flying lantern with a ring that creates hard light constructs, and a portal opening band

    Ares (DCEU) 8 + Soul Stone, The (MCU) 4 + Power-Sucking Athame (Charmed) 6

    The god of war, with a Soul manipulating stone and an Athame that steals power from those it wounds

    Godzilla (Final Wars) 10

    One of the strongest versions of Godzilla ever put to screen.
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    Apocalypse(9): w/ Power Stone(8), Mind Stone(8)
    The first of the Mutants and Leader of this team Apocalypse is here to ensure that Mutants will come out the victor of this Tournament. He brings his vast array of powers including Pyramid building and City destroying TK, Matter Manipulation, Power Augmentation, Healing Factor, Power Enhancing Armor, Adaptive physiology, Power/Knowledge Absorbtion and more. To aid him in this fight he is given 2 vastly powerful items to wield against his foes.

    He uses his Knowledge Absorption to instantly gain all the knowledge and history the Power Stone has to offer, like it's ability to destroy all forms of matter/energy it weather it's Dr Stranges dimensional magic, Thors God powered body, Titans Moon, or even entire Planets and sets it inside his Armor's Gauntlet and feels the power course throughout his body as it adapts to the influx of energy that boosts his strength/durability to a nearly unbeatable level.

    He then absorbs all the knowledge of the Mind Stone which contains a vast amount of energy and a cosmic amount of knowledge about the Stones and the universe. It also gives Apocalypse what he was after all along and that is vast psionic energy/capabilities that the Stone has which allowed a non telepathic user(Loki) to instantly connect Telepathically to people across Galaxies, high level Matter Manipulation, fire powerful beams of energy, and empower super beings like Wanda/Pietro/Vision. He sets the Stone in his other Gauntlet and his body adapts to the influx in power it adds to him. Now powered by 2 Infinity Stones Apocalypse is ready to let Mutantdom reign supreme.

    Scarlet Witch(10):w/ The Source of all Evil(9)
    While technically not a mutant(which will be addressed in match) Wanda Maximoff won't let a little thing like Copyrights stand in her way as she is a Top Level Sorceress who bends complex and high tier Magic energies to her will(Agatha called it Magic on Auto pilot) using it for TK strong enough to toss 3 huge War Ships at once and crush Thanos and his armor like a tin can, fire energy bolts, Atomize matter with a AOE blast, Telepathically control a town full of people, and large scale Reality Warping to name a few.

    To aid her in this fight she is bonded with The Source which adds a crazy amount of abilities that enhance her own or are added and upgraded to her level of power like teleportation, conjuration, thermokenisis. Technopathy. Shapeshifting, incineration, super strength/speed and makes her damn near unkillable as complete Molecular Destruction wasn't enough to keep the Source Host down for long.

    Legion(10): w/ Space Stone(9), Mark of Cain w/First Blade(8)
    David Haller returns to the Tourney, but this time he brings a second season of experience/feats with him. He is still the most powerful mutant ever born with his vast Telepathic/Telekenetic/Astral abilities, Time Manipulation, Teleportation, Energy Manipulation, and Reality Warping capabilities.

    To help ensure his victory he is branded with the Mark of Cain making him unkillable as even Death itself when summoned admitted that it couldn't kill the Mark wielder. It also grants immunity to demonic powers, angel powers, magic, grants the user TK, super strength, and a healing factor that can replace severed limbs. The Mark instead of turning people evil, it brings out the inner most desires of it's host, which to David is his "God Mode" persona. It also comes with The First Blade which is just as powerful as the Mark as it is able to kill anything.. With these items empowering him and his "God Mode" persona he changes into his Gold Robes and flares his Golden Aura around himself and the Glorious Golden God is here and his rage knows no bounds! Begone from him little Man, BEGONE!!

    To aid him this time around he is given another Infinity Stone, but this time it's the Space Stone he wields and it's enourmous power he will use to amplify his abilities. David'sTelekenisis/Teleportation is top class so using the Stones Spatial powers/abilities comes naturally to him as it's used to teleport people/things across the Galaxy, give the user Spatial Awareness, quickly create black holes, intangibility, and TK that can throw around half a busted moon and completely immobilize individuals. He uses his power to visualize the Stone in his head like Vision and his powers make it so.

    Quicksilver(8): w/ Gamma Mutation/David Banner(7)
    The fastest mutant alive races back to the Tournament bringing his super speed/strength with him. To help him and his fellow Mutants win this whole shabang he undergoes the Gamma Mutation of David Banner transforming him into the Absorbing Man. Now he's capable of turning into any matter/energy he comes into contact with, and has multiple forms energy to choose from his teammates making him ready for nearly any situation his team encounters.

    Sebastian Shaw(6): w/ Mother Box(8), Luthor's Armor(8)
    It's Bacon!! Or more specifically it's the highly powerful mutant Sebastian Shaw who is more powerful than his comic counterpart as he can absorb both physical and energy attacks and then amplify that energy into himself and his attacks multiplying their force(ex: he absorbed bullets and a RPG that would have left small holes in a wall and one on the ground, and with a foot stomp completely destroyed the giant room they were in). His plan was to absorb enough Nuclear Energy to make himself into a Atomic Bomb and explode, then walk away like it's Tuesday.

    To go with his abilities he is given Luthor's Power Armor which was able to match speed/strength with Superman as they flew around the globe at super speed, even going to space and back. Then to upgrade the Armor and his powers drastically he is given the Motherbox. A Change Machine with Perpetual Energy(limitless) that constantly upgrades any/all machines, recreates Cells biologically, Transmutes matter and energy, grants Technopathy, and more. Here the Motherbox combines with Luthor's suit merging into and upgrading it inside and out and multiplying it's capabilities while creating new weapons and abilities to use. Even more important is that Shaw now has a never ending source of power to absorb that amplifies his physical and offensive abilities every second while starting at Superman+ levels in his Motherbox upgraded Armor.

    Mirage(8): w/ Absorption of Gravitonium(7), Invisible Suit(2)
    New to the scene but definitely worthy of her place Danielle Moonstar joins the Tourney. Her powers when tested by a Mutant Laboratory/Scientists were "off the charts" and "the most powerful mutant we have ever tested" Her powers enable her to empathetically connect with all minds withen an area(her whole village and the entire grounds of a College school shown so far) and bring their inner most fears out to the real world and give them power. Unlike mere illusions these are actually real and have real powers (so a person scared of the Human Torch would bring forth a real Human Torch with real flames) and she can bring out everyone's fears at once.

    To increase her overall abilities she Absorbed Gravitonium turning her into Graviton with high level control over Gravity allowing her to make powerful sheilds, crush durable aliens like a soda can, manuver huge Space Ships in atmosphere, and gives her great durability as after being hit hard enough to instantly send him into space he doesn't even bleed or show any damage from it. To make her stealthy and harder to pin down she wears the Invisible Suit from the Invisible Man film which not only renders the wearer completely invisible, but it upgrades and enhances the users physical strength/speed to above human levels. With these items she is ready to help Mutants win the Tourney.
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    Reserved for Hellís Brigade!

    Team Hellís Brigade:
    Superman (DCEU) 10
    -Ant-Man Suit (MCU) 7

    The Henry Cavil Superman now enhanced with Ant-Manís ability to shrink and grow. Pretty standard.

    Number Five (Umbrella Academy) 4
    -Angel Blade (Supernatural) 4
    -One Ring (LOTR) 6
    -Medusaís Head w/Bag (Clash of the Titans Remake) 9
    -Magneto's Psychic Resistant Helmet (X-Men Movies: Old) 5

    The teleporting and time traveling assassin, Five, is now invisible, sporting a blade that can kill pretty much most things, a Head that can stone even Kaiju sized monsters, and a helmet that blocks TP from finding him. Essentially heís entirely unfindable and very lethal.

    Jesse Quick (Flash TV Show) 9
    -Black Panther Armor (MCU) 4
    -Cloak of Levitation (MCU) 4

    Not the fastest Speed Force user, but still quite incredibly fast now enhanced with Tíchallís nano-Panther suit and the ability to fly/levitate just in case.

    Piper Halliwell (Charmed) 6
    -Exposure to Crashed Meteor Radiation (My Super Ex Girlfriend) 10
    -Curse of Hom Dai (Full Regeneration) (The Mummy) 9

    The strongest Charmed One, Piper can freeze things in time, explode them, cast spells, potion make, is highly resistant to magic damage, etc....but is now essentially a Kryptonian thanks to the G-Girl radiation AND unkillable thanks to the Curse, which allows her to regenerate, control and become sand, control the Plagues of Egypt, etc....

    Wonder Woman (DCEU) 9
    -Crystal Sword (Charmed) 8

    The powerful warrior Amazon from the DCEU, she now boosts a powerful sword that makes her immune to the weapons of man, allows it to soul suck and magic power suck.

    Martian Manhunter (Supergirl TV Show) 9 + Cris Johnson (Next) 3
    -Alien Orchid Transporter Fusion (Star Trek) 9

    The potent Martian from Supergirl and the incredible Pre-Cog Cris Johnson have been fused via a transporter incident. Now the Martian with his near Kryptonian stats and already existing psychic powers have a very impressive pre-cog ability.
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    NAME Team Masters of Mayhem


    The Blessed Sand Devourer

    Jasmine (Buffyverse) 10
    Exposure to Radioactive Sand (Raimi Spider-Man Movies) 5
    Gamma blood injection(MCU) 7

    Everyone's favourite blessed one is back, and ready to rule over the league! She brings her strength, magic, durability, necrosis, and most of all her ability to mentally control everyone, who see's or hears her even secondarly. She is further upgraded by being able to be made of sand, and absorb sand into her body so she can grow. She can travel as sand, and survive massive damage. He now has the gamma blood infusion making him much faster, stronger and durable as the monstrous Abomination

    The Master Mutants

    Puddle Jumper with ATA gene (Stargate Atlantis) 5
    Professor X (X-Men Movies: Old) 8
    Magneto (X-Men Movies: Old) 8
    Vibranium Armour Plating (MCU) 7

    Long time enemies and allies, are rejoined now, fighting for my team. Charles Xavier, and Erik Lehnsherr are both inside the Ancient space ship a Puddle Jumper. Xavier is a master telepath, extremely skilled telepath, capable of mind controlling people, reading minds, and can freeze people in place. Magneto a master of magnetism can manipulate metal, even the strongest metals like Adamantium, are like putty in Magneto's mind. They both are riding in the Puddle Jumper, which is capable of flying across solar sytems in hours, turning invisible, having powerful sensors, and armed with drones capable of destroying massive capital ships. The puddle jumper is controlled mentally by its pilot, Magneto. It is further protected with Vibranium, the nearly unbreakable metal from Wakanda.

    The Zooms of Killers

    Zoom (Flash TV Series) 9

    Saint of Killer's Guns (Preacher) 6
    Muppet Lab's Copier ala Carte (Muppet Show) 9

    Zoom, a hyper fast murderous monster of a man, has been further enhanced here. . He has been damned and become the Saint of Killers, armed with omnideadly guns capable of shooting through anything and killing anyone he shoots. He also has the Copier ala carte from Muppets Lab enabling himself to be copied multipe times, meaning there will be several of him.

    The Lord of all Evil

    Lord Zedd (MMPR) 7
    Barbara Minerva's First Wish (DCEU) 9

    Lord Zedd, the leader of the evil aliens; is a master magic user. He is most notably able to turn people, and monsters into kaiju. He also has a pretty big range of other abilities with his magic, including teleportation and mind control. He has made a wish on the dream stone. The same one as Barbara Minerva first made, wishing to be like Wonder Woman, giving him enhanced strength, durability and speed to match Diana Prince.

    The Hero of Time/Space

    Hiro Nakamura (Heroes) 7
    Silver Samurai (The Wolverine) 4

    Hiro Nakamura is a master of time and space, capable of teleporting, time travel, and a time slow. He is wearing the silver samauri armour which gives him adamanium protection, and a sword capable of cutting through adamanium.

    The Monster Mecha of Mayhem

    Serpentera (MMPR) 10
    All Spark, Converted (Transformers Movies) 4
    Cyborg Modification (DCEU) 7
    Exposure to Comet (Maximum Overdrive) 3

    The Serpentera is a colossal mecha standing at 345 m tall. It is able to destroy planets with its power, and fly at interplanetary speeds. By itself it has issues maintaining power, which is why here it has been augmented. Having the modifications of Cyborg increases the firepower of Serpentera, and even better gives it the ability to manipulate technology, to work at far better rates, allowing Batman's plane to fly to Stephenwolf's base, when previously it would not have had the capacity to fly there in time. It has also been connected to the Allspark, a Cybertronian device containing a massive amount of energy, and even better the ability to spark technology to turn them into transformers. It will give it the power source it was missing before, allowing to fight far more effectively, as well as give Serpentera, even more technology as transformer. The allspark has been exposed to the Comet from Maximum Overdrive, giving it sentience.
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    Shadow King 10

    “Power. That is the point of what you call life. The only point. Power.”

    Amahl Farouk is one of the most powerful psychic mutants in the world. The mind is Farouk’s plaything. He’s powerful enough to pluck hundreds of minds from their bodies, bottle them up inside a host (e.g., a child, monkey, etc.), consume them, or erase them entirely. The Shadow King is more than a psychic threat. In his physical body, Farouk was able to warp reality, manipulate matter, teleport, and travel in-between dimensions. He’s telekinetically strong enough to throw a mutant-power dampening device over a vast distance and effortlessly restrain the Omega-level mutant David Haller. He can forge weapons capable of killing Time Eaters.

    Illyria 7
    w/ Shazam Power 9

    “I am Illyria. God-King of the Primordium! Shaper of things.”

    Illyria has the power to selectively alter the flow of time, open up portals to other dimensions, and shapeshift into any form of her choosing. She is an immortal tactician and strategist, with eons of experience in warfare and leadership. Her inhuman strength and bullet-timing speed, when coupled with her fighting skills and temporal powers, makes her a demon in close quarters combat. With the Power of Shazam, Illyria’s superhuman attributes have increased significantly. Her strength and speed are on par with some of the most powerful Justice League members. Additionally, Illyria now has the power of flight and can project powerful bolts of lightning. If need be, Illyria can bestow her new power to others, augmenting her teammates to even greater levels.

    King Ghidorah 10

    “Long live the king.”

    The Three-Headed Monster is a towering mountain of golden flesh. Each head shoots golden lightning powerful enough to incapacitate Godzilla. He’s durable enough to weather the devastating effects of Godzilla’s Atomic Breath. Ghidorah’s mere presence is enough to trigger a Category VI storm, which can engulf the entire United States eastern seaboard. He’s strong enough to grapple and overpower Godzilla. After suffocating Godzilla, Ghidorah flew the atomic saurian up into the stratosphere and then proceeded to drop him. Ghidorah feeds from a variety of energy sources, from electricity to radiation to magma. It took Ghidorah only seconds to drain the entire Boston City electric grid. In the unlikely event Ghidorah is injured, he can regenerate lost limbs, as he did when he regenerated one of his heads.

    Look upon Monster Zero and despair.

    Hela 8
    w/ Stormbreaker 9

    “I’m not a queen or a monster… I’m the Goddess of Death.”

    Hela is one of the most powerful MCU villains. She’s strong enough to shatter the nigh-invincible Mjolnir with one hand, trivially overpower Thor in combat, and annihilate hundreds of Asgard’s most elite warriors. Hela’s Necro-weapons are lethal enough to slew Asgardians with ease and wound Surtur-tier beings. The Goddess of Death is unbelievably durable as demonstrated when she tanked Thor’s most powerful lightning blast. But even if she’s grievously wounded, Hela’s healing factor enables her to instantly regenerate life-threatening injuries. She’s fast enough to catch Thor’s Mjolnir-throw and deflect Asgardian warship bullets.

    Now with the addition of Stormbreaker, Hela is far more dangerous. She now wields a weapon that can fly through an energy blast powered by the Infinity Gauntlet. With it, Hela can fly at will and open up the Bifrost Bridge, which can transport her and her allies anywhere in the universe.

    The Night King 8
    w/ Absorption of F4 Powers (Fantastic Four: RotSS) 9

    “There is only one god, and his name is Death.”

    As the grim reaper of Game of Thrones, the Night King is a sinister force. The Night King’s most powerful ability is necromancy. He does not require direct contact to reanimate the dead. By raising his hands, the Night King casually reanimated tens of thousands. His powers of necromancy are not limited to humans either. To truly understand how powerful the Night King is you must see his armies of the dead as extensions of his greater being. He can direct hundreds of thousands. The Night King is superhumanly strong, having slain the dragon Viserion with a javelin throw. He has control over the elements. He can freeze solid objects within seconds. The Night King is superhumanly durable, casually rising to his feet after being dropped from the sky followed up by completely no-selling the dragon Drogon’s fire breath.

    But now the combined powers and abilities of the Fantastic Four are his to command. With these composite powers, Johnny Storm was able to swiftly overpower Power Cosmic wielding Dr. Doom. Most importantly, the Night King can use all these powers simultaneously. He can turn himself invisible while morphing parts of his elastic body into molten, rocky appendages. There is good reason to fear the reaper.

    Vanya Hargreeves 9
    w/ CRISPR (George Version) (Rampage) 6

    “If you believe in yourself, just once, great things are gonna happen to you.”

    Vanya’s sound absorption powers are top-tier. She can convert sound into energy and, in doing so, impose her will on the world. From manipulating the environment to generating powerful shockwaves, Vanya has leveled entire armies and brought superpowered groups to their knees. She can siphon your life force or force you to do her bidding. If she’s accumulated enough energy, Vanya can channel it into a Moon-busting energy blast. Additionally, Vanya has bullet-time reaction times. She even brought a child back from the dead, endowing him with her power. With CRISPR transforming her into a literal giant, her influence over the battle is considerably greater. Additionally, Vanya now has superhuman strength, durability, healing, and an impressive damage soak.

    Buffy Summers 3
    w/ Mjolnir 9

    “You wanna fight a god? You use the weapon of a god.”

    Being a Slayer endowed Buffy with superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes. She’s strong enough to overpower older vampires like Angel and Spike, bend the barrel of a rifle, peel apart steel grates, and shatter bricks. Buffy is insanely durable against blunt force trauma, having walked away after receiving devastating hits from Glory. She’s fast enough to catch arrows shot at her from point-blank. Coming from a long lineage of Slayers means Buffy has centuries' worth of fighting experience. Her skills in combat are unmatched. With Mjolnir in her hands, Buffy possesses the power of Thor. Her strength is orders of magnitude greater than even the strongest beings she fought. She’s durable enough to tank all manner of attacks without receiving a scratch. Mjolnir gives her powers over the elements, like summoning tornadoes. She can discharge powerful lightning blast that can reduce even the mightiest creatures to slag. Oh, and Buffy is now capable of flying at hypersonic speeds.

    Thanos 9
    w/ Green Lantern Ring (Green Lantern Movie) 9

    “The hardest choices require the strongest of wills.”

    Thanos possessed inhuman strength, durability, and reflexes. He was stronger than Hulk and Thor, he plucked the Mind Stone from Vision’s vibranium forehead, and decimated Dr. Strange’s magic shields with a single kick. He was durable enough to tank Thor’s lightning, hold the Power Stone in the palm of his hand, and put on the Infinity Gauntlet without being injured (for comparison, it severely burned Hulk’s armor pre-Snap). He was enough to dodge Mjolnir-throws at point-blank, react to Iron Man’s weapons, and stop Loki’s attempts at killing him.

    With a Green Lantern Ring in his possession, Thanos is exceedingly more powerful.

    Sherlock Holmes (Cumberbatch) 2
    w/ Genie's Lamp (Aladdin) 8

    "I'm not a psychopath. I'm a high-functioning sociopath."

    One could be forgiven for believing Sherlock Holmes’ genius-level mind was a superpower. It might as well be. With a mere glance, Sherlock is able to make enough deductions and observations that could fill your local library. Literally anything the human brain can do, Sherlock can do better.

    In his hands is the Genie’s Lamp. Upon summoning the Genie, Sherlock Holmes becomes the master of an immensely powerful, magical being. He has three wishes to help my team win the Rumblers League.
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    Prehistorica Monsters Mash

    Godzilla (MonsterVerse) 10

    Kong (MonsterVerse) 10 + ALZ-112 Exposure (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) 1 + AT-M6 (Star Wars) 4 + Ghost Rider Contract (Ghost Rider) 7

    Kong has high human intelligent with the ability to talk. Is powered by the Ghost Rider giving him command of his hellfire and allowing him to empower any weapons that he uses. He can also empower the AT-M6 with hell fire to use as a mount that can also attack.

    Skullcrawler (MonsterVerse) 7 + Leviathan Possession (Supernatural) 7

    A skullcrawler that is better in every way. Enhanced stats all around. With a much higher Regeneration rate and Venomous Blood. It will be much harder to kill and much more likely to eat anything that gets in it’s way.

    Smaug (Lord of the Rings Movies) 6 + Cursed Aztec Gold Coin (Pirates of the Caribbean) 4 + Exposure to Parallax Energy (Green Lantern Live Action Movie) 4

    A Telepathy and Telekinesis immortal dragon that can breath fire.

    Indominus Rex (Jurrasic World) 5 + Hollow Symbiote (Charmed) 9 + Nanogenes (Whoniverse) 7 + Jumanji (Jumanji) 3 + Sorting Hat (Harry Potter) 1

    Indominus Rex is made to be undetectable, but is now immune to magic, and will repair injuries quicker. The Nanogenes also allow Indominus telepathic abilities, and the ability to communicate using anything with a speaker. The power gained from absorbing the magic from the Sorting Hat, is only out done by the powers gained from Jumanji. The power to read minds (or at the least traits of a person), and summoning Godric Gryffindor’s sword is useful, but the game of Jumanji called hunters, stampedes, monsoons, and absorbed people. All of these chooses will be at the Indominus’ power to control.

    Xenomorph (Alien Movies) 3 + Gamma Mutation (Dog) (Hulk) 6 + Immortality (Misfits) 4

    A Xenomorph that grows as it is injured, and can fully come back to life if it is killed, or explodes (do to Gamma Mutation being unstable). The acidic blood will mean that anyone that kills the Xenomorph will likely hit and suffer as well.

    Blue (Jurrasic World) 2 + Vampirism Infection (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) 4 + Radioactive Spider Bite (The Amazing Spider-Man Movies) 5

    A Raptor that has Spiderman senses, enhanced abilities, a blood sucking, bat swarms and flight, increased healing. This should make it an efficient killer, feeding on anything that the bigger dinosaurs miss.

    Shelob (Lord of the Rings) 1 + Metebelis Crystal (Whoniverse) 5 + Monsterpocalypse Chemical Mutation (Love and Monsters) 3 + NZT-48 Pills + Injection (Limitless) 7

    This large spider is going to develop in several unexpected ways. The Metebelis Crystal and the Monsterpocalypse Chemical Mutation should bring on a stage of rapid growth and mutation. In Doctor Who on Metebelis III, Metebelis Crystals caused the Earth spiders to grow in size and mental power. Giving them abilities such as telepathy, discharge psychic energy, use mind control on humans, and teleport through both time and space, turn invisible and possess the human who could act as a vessel. In addition to the mental development Shelob will also grow to almost a eight hundred feet or more. (A common black spider is smaller (10 mm), and the Eight Legs less than a meter. That is one hundred times growth. Shelob is roughly eight feet, meaning that she should grow at least one hundred times her starting height or eight hundred feet) If the Metebelis Crystal allows it to grow that large then Monsterpocalypse Chemical Mutation should make it even larger.

    NZT-48 Pills + Injection will add a level of mental enhancement on top of the newly gained mental skills. It will allow for Shelob to take information fast enough to use it’s mental abilities before people are prepared. It will also help it’s dexterity, sensory absorption, Multitasking, instincts and other skills that really on mental reaction times.
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