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    Default LF image set that tells a modern life story [unpaid]

    For use in an indie video game near completion, set to be sold on Steam this summer. Age rating 10+.

    Image set would be displayed at the start of the game, to establish the playable character's backstory. In broad terms, the story should cover a happy childhood with aspirations, followed by tragedy and disappointment. As a young adult s/he is maybe now ready to make some poor choices to try to turn their life around. Images would be displayed in sequence in a slideshow-type format, with a moody song to accompany it. The rest of the game's has a more realistic appearance than most, though as this cutscene is unique it doesn't necessarily have to quite fit the general look and feel. Game world is a modern day dystopia, set in an alternate Earth. There are no super-powers here, the experiences described in your narrative could happen in real life.

    You would be credited for your work on the credits screen, and receive a Steam key. I am also a career teacher, and could write a mean reference letter to go with what you add to your resume. There is a corner store represented in the game, and, if you have a comic cover of your own you'd like to have sitting on a display rack, we would be happy to help showcase your other work in this fashion (another path to getting your comics displayed like this is if you have a social media following and we can do a marketing exchange). No financial or other compensation is to be expected.

    Selection Criteria:
    First priorities would probably be tied between quality of storytelling and a decent match for art style (grit over cartoony). Next would be to depict minorities who don't necessarily see themselves in gaming outside of certain stereotypes.

    If you already have some work lying around that might fit, I'd be happy to take a look. If you're thinking of creating from scratch, let's brainstorm the storyline more together before you start, but I'd still like to see a sample of your work. Let's set a deadline of intent by the ides of May. Anyone expressing interest in that time will have equal chance of consideration, whether early or late within that window. I'm thinking I'm picking someone to create the set at the end of the consideration window, rather than have a number of you waste your time making custom images that aren't ultimately used.
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