Americans like outlaw tales, and this pre-summer short is a feature about a neo-classical horror-movie/comics avatar, Leatherface, and a classic DC Comics superhero, Green Lantern, in a dioramic drawing asking the dystopian question, "What happens when we blend horror-art with manga-oriented dark comics? Can we crossover dioramas with manga? What do you think?


A lovely young Texan woman named Daisy was beginning work at a major Hazzard bank as a teller. She'd just graduated from the University and had been a Longhorns iconic cheerleader. Now, she wished to enter the working-world as a working-girl. Daisy wanted to be the perfectly diligent bank teller, and she wanted to create a nice working environment and prepare for a host of regular traffic customers and patrons in a bank that had become the symbolic Texas institution for private and wealthy investments. This young woman, Daisy, was very voluptuous and attractive, and she could really have no inkling that she's in for a raucous adventure from two outlandish characters with only ruckus on their minds. However, one of these characters a something of an antihero while the other a pure Texan maniac. This would make for a rather strange Texas experience at the bank she worked at, but nevertheless, the lovely Daisy remained steadfast in the patriotic notion that work in a regular traffic building like Hazzard Bank wasn't going to be anything that would be visited by some form of dark modern terror...or terrorism.


Lo and behold, the first character of outlandish proportion to enter Hazzard Bank on a warm Friday in July during the Coronavirus tribulation was a man in a classic DC Comics Green Lantern costume. The man claimed to the lovely Daisy that he was in fact the real-life Green Lantern, but Daisy didn't believe him, especially since he told her that he'd been a Lantern fan of comics his entire life. Daisy was simply thinking this Lantern 'dude' ain't anything more than a fun-loving Lantern fan. However, this costumed fan happened to be the actual Green Lantern superhuman who wielded a special magical ring capable of a glow that simply blinded someone it shined on for a temporary amount of time. That's just what this Green Lantern 'dude' did that Friday in July --- he blinded the guardsmen and the tellers but not Daisy who he singled out to help her get into the safe-box area of the vault-room of the bank where he'd lift the blood-diamonds hidden by a corrupt Texas baron named Jeff George who's using these African gems to finance terrorism groups in Europe. Just as this Lantern 'dude' was about to walk out of the bank with the African gems, a deranged lunatic walked into the bank, bursting in with a buzzing electric chainsaw and wielding a mask made out of human skin. The guy announced his name --- "Leatherface" --- and when he spotted the costumed Green Lantern seeking to run out of the bank with a bag of diamonds, he pointed his buzzing chainsaw at the Robin Hood antihero in Hazzard, leaving Daisy with a wide-open mouth!


LANTERN: Out of my way, you masked psycho!
LEATHERFACE: I'm gonna kill you, you diamond pirate.
LANTERN: This is an event of glorious proportions for Interpol!
LEATHERFACE: I don't give a rat's-ass about Interpol crap, Lantern.
LANTERN: Are you a fan of the Green Lantern, dude?
LANTERN: Well, I'll give you a ton of Lantern comics if you surrender.
LEATHERFACE: So I can read in peace in jail?
LANTERN: No one would ever bother you, friend.

The Green Lantern dude, whether he was real or not, managed to convince this unusual psychopath to surrender himself and his buzzing electric chainsaw so he'd be taken to a private cell in Texas where he'd be treated with medicine and given awesome Green Lantern (DC Comics) coloring story-books he'd be able to read and meditate on in private in a safe-and-secure cell, away from the hustle-and-bustle of maddening modern Texas traffic in the hot city of Dallas or the humid town of Hazzard. The Hazzard Bank teller Daisy, the lovely woman introduced earlier, was simply in awe, her mouth still wide-open, and she asked God, "Is this real...or some kind of Texan drawing?" This was indeed some kind of Texas drawing, and the real 'dystopian' hero (or antihero!) was in fact the dashing Green Lantern (real name: Hal Jordan).


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)