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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody View Post
    I explained this, it was her having no weaknesses(a charitable profession at a kitchen doesn't even have anything to do with anything here, so not sure why that was brought up in the face of the literal translation of the term) and seemingly knows everything reason. Like....none at all given to how she manages to figure out Marks identity or explains why it didn't faze her at all. Or explains why those closer to Mark would take the side of someone who they barely know to the point of outright verbally insulting their closest friend.

    I already gave a further explanation above.
    While I agree that's bad writing, she's ultimately useless in the grand scheme of the story, so I don't see why it matters.

    Back on topic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guy1 View Post
    While I agree that's bad writing, she's ultimately useless in the grand scheme of the story, so I don't see why it matters.

    Back on topic.
    That's fine, and I'll get back on topic, but if I may make a concession to both you and Nik, I'll admit perhaps I was a little hard on the character. Sorry
    . Thinking on it, I think I would have no problem if the personalities of the two Amber's were switched. The Invincible show takes place in its own verse, and thus comic Ambers reaction to things going on would make sense as most people would have more realistic reactions to things that, while occur, aren't part of normal life on Earth.

    TV Ambers actions and personality are far more suitable for the Imageverse Invincible series because shit like significant others being a super, alien invasions, etc are so the norm that most citizens have become completely desensitized to it. They play this shit straight unlike DC and Marvel, which is another reason I like Image. I remember a Savage Dragon issue making a story about it with some relative of a characters comes to their city and is freaking out at both the stuff going on there and her families nonchalant attitude towards it. By the end of the story, she too is slowly becoming desensitized to the many weird things going on, due to how frequent they were. So Amber figuring out who Mark was, and being unfazed by it fits in that type of setting. So I was a little thrown off by it.

    As for the fight; can Sue create, and expand a bubble from within Eve? And if so, would it be enough to kill her before Eves mental blocks turn off and she regens before ripping Sue apart?
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