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    It's... there's lot more to it than I think People have really talked about.
    For me, it comes down to a lot of factors, one is the move to digital colouring, it may not be for everyone, but there's certainly a lot more to play with there and it's a less tedious and cheaper than the old ways of colouring.
    The most important part however is how it's seen, and that's the paper it's printed on/ tablet you are using.

    I really, really, REALLY hate the paper Marvel uses, it's cheap, too easily destroyed and it limits the otherwise beautiful artwork on display. Compare that the paper DC is printed on, it's thicker but also the colours pop out more. The Demon Days One-shots are some of the best looking books I've seen from Marvel in a while, but the paper limits it too much. It spoils the look for me. If this was printed on the kind of paper DC uses, it'll pop out more.

    A lot of the older books, mostly from 1960's-1990's had pretty rubbish paper, but it worked for the most part. It held together and the art work pops out, there's no interference when reading it.

    Anyway, that's my war on crappy paper.

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    The 1980s will always be the peak for me, with a handful of talents that continued in the 1990s and early 2000s.

    Amazing comic book cover design/artwork went the way of the dodo around the time of Previews/advanced solicitations.

    We live in a world where Jim Lee is Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics and Todd McFarlane runs Image Comics. Both men were mavericks and non-traditional, but they call the shots today and set the new standards. They also like labor on the cheap and don't put much stake in classically trained artists, so it's amateur hour with artwork processed on Macs.

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    Prior to this week the last comic I bought was sometime in 1979. This week I pulled out my box of 220 Silver and Bronze Age comics and started photographing and cataloging each one. At first my intent was to take advantage of the current market conditions and sell a few of my more valuable books, but I quickly discovered that I was and am still fond of comics and suddenly I wanted to add to my collection rather than sell some off. Anyways, to the point of this thread. As a 56 year old I am very set in my ways and find it difficult, at times, to enjoy newer media. I enjoy old movies and shows and hate the plethora of "Walking Dead" type entertainment, and when my college age children laugh hysterically at a 3 second Vine video of someone looking at a melon and smashing it with a sledgehammer or some such equally silly behavior, I find little humor personally. All this to say that upon visiting two local comic book stores and perusing the current offerings I found myself longing for the "old style" of art. As has been said over and over here, I am not passing judgement at all, and I am the first to realize when it's time to step aside and let a new generation take the turn it wants, but just adding to the OP's sentiment that I, too, find older comic book art more appealing than modern. Anyways, that's it for my first meaningful post here.

    Might be interesting to note that as a result the only additions I have made to my collection so far are a handful of Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, and Nova books that were missing from my string of 1-10 of each series, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them and admiring the art in a way completely different than 10 year old me.
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