Bit late, but I'd figure we've now had a decent amount of the WildCats reintroduced, if only in mention through these (now 4) issues.
Obviously Grifter, but between the voice in his ear & other conversations we've gotten; Zannah (Zealot), possibly Maxine as guessed (she had a previous DC appearance in the new52 Team7 series), Void (possibly Adrianna but who know), Marlowe & Halo (kind of a package deal but you never know)
"Main" team members missing so far would likely be some version of Spartan & whatever non-new52 version of Majestic might be introduced.

I'm curious to see where this "slow" integration of the WildStorm characters goes, as I think it may be more of a stable one then the "just shove them in" that they did in the new52 version. Also with the flashbacks we've seen a "new" iteration of a DC Team-7 & John Lynch, and one that Batman has interacted with, one that given the timing is likely not the one that works as an origin for Slade/Deathstroke or Dinah/Black Canary anymore.