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    The Medalist manga by Tsuruma Ikada left an emotional impact on me. The artist has artfully depicted not only the characters' insecurities, fears, uncertainty, and low self-esteem, but also hopes, dreams, self-confidence, courage and strength. The ice-skating choreography was very well-drawn.

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    ASM 39 & 40 basically settled my love for old superhero comicbooks. Batman 497 was the first time I finished a comicbook and read it again immediately. Both are stories that I go back to from time to time

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    A series of books in an era. I think what marked me were 80's books like The Mutant Massacre, Crisis, and important Avengers issues... the issues where some of the worst villains took over Avengers mansion and left the team bloody and broken inside as well as out and even poor Jarvis wasn't left unscathed and that issue where Jarvis recounts his history and life with the Avengers... to me it is sort of their DPS issue mirroring Cyclops trip down memory lane and Jeans destruction/death. Yet their Phoenix was more a series of events rather than a person that brought them to devastation. It changed the team... and the others stories go without saying in importance but I think this Avengers period slip under peoples radar.
    The (old) Hank McCoy thread.

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