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    Generally, I read them left to right and top to bottom, making allowances for creative panel layout choices. :-)

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    I read them and pack them away until a later day in the future when I get that itch to read them again. THEN I put them away and completely forget I have them until I randomly come across them and then read them and put them somewhere for easy access as to not forget. Finally, the vicious cycle repeats itself.

    Edit: as to HOW I read them? I read them really fast then go back later and pick up on all the art and wording I missed on the first pass through.
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    Interesting, and great, topic.
    I go to the comic book shop every Wed. after work and usually read books I'm excited for as soon as I get home (X-Men being one I read immediately). I don't have an official pull list, but one of the cashiers at the shop always holds the X-books for me if they ordered low or a book is selling out.
    I usually only re-read if something comes up in a current story and I remember what back issue it was. But, sometimes I re-read for the fun of it. Last year I re-read the Morrison New X-Men run and this summer I want to re-read The Fraction San Fran run.
    Back when comic cons were happening, I'd always find a retailer and grab a bunch of back issue X-Books. I'll re-read those old gems as I get them. I started my X-Men run during Fall Of The Mutants and lost a lot of my books during some moves, but I've been able to find a lot of them at conventions.
    I have honestly thought about going digital. A lot of modern books don't have the kind of stories I want to read over again. But, I'm an artist and I will always buy books of my favorite artists.
    For example, I could see myself reading books like Excalibur and Cable digitally, but I'd 100% want physical copies of X-men because of Larraz.
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