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    Quote Originally Posted by BitVyper View Post
    She's great in a battle, but she can't really win a war against a Goa'uld empire that's got the resources to be going after hundreds or thousands of targets all over the galaxy at once.
    The Goa'uld can't really go after thousands of targets at once. By most indications, they just have a few hundred motherships.

    That said, they should do pretty well as long as they can avoid enhanced boarders. Goa'uld motherships are not all that awesome by most sci-fi standards, but they are easily above the capabilities displayed by the MCU's spacefaring powers, which are pretty damn bottom of the barrel.

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    Thor said that they could easily send a force a hundred times greater than Apophis' two hataks, so a couple hundred hataks would probably be only a fraction of the sum of their combined military force. This was Thor speaking too, so not someone who would mince words for hyperbole. If he says "easily" and "100 times," he certainly means it.

    "Easily" here, should mean that's what they have available to immediately mobilize without significantly weakening themselves anywhere else. I think that's a pretty fair assumption.

    Edit: For that matter, there appeared to be hundreds of Hataks getting wasted at Dakara, and there was still enough of a fleet leftover after for the... other guys whose names I forget, to use the scavenged hataks to maintain a large portion of the Goa'uld's domain.

    And this is just hataks. Obviously for every one of those, there's a bunch of the smaller vessels, and while the Goa'uld don't BUILD Stargates, they do carry them around, so it's entirely possible that they've got a couple ships full of them here.
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