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    Default Newbie pre-ordering question

    forgive me, if this is an obvious answer from long time collected edition fans but does it matter if you pre-order a collected edition way early or just early. I understand that pre-orders are important in the publication business and it might also determine if a book ever sees the light of day or how long you have to wait for the next book in that particular series or scarcity of laying your hands on if you wait until it drops. What I am asking is does it make a difference if you order something 3 months out as opposed to two months out or a month before? In the end units sold is units sold I would think and there is the danger of a solicited book being pulled for lack of interest but barring that is there an advantage to it? Say like Justice League the Bronze Age #3 I just got it preordered in May it is out in July and I want the omnibuses to continue would I have been better served to preorder it in say February? Just for future reference. I was like why pay for something that I won't have for 5 months but then the thought occurred to me that what if delaying pre-orders pushes back the publication of the next book in the series?

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    I see what you're saying. In the case of DC books, I always pre-order as far out as possible (even if it's 5-6 months), because they developed a horrible track record over the years. Marvel books I don't worry about as much, because they have a far better track record of actually printing the books they solicit.

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    I agree with SJNeal on ordering DC books as early as possible. I pre-ordered two omnibuses last year, well one at the end of 2019 and one at the beginning of 2020, that have not come out yet. The one I ordered in 2019 is in limbo. No word whether or not it's ever going to be printed. The one I ordered in 2020 was canceled then re-solicited just recently. The second volume was solicited shortly after the first was canceled so I never pre-ordered the second volume. Now I can't get either one. DC is pretty shameful when it comes to collected additions compared to Marvel.

    It would be best to order Marvel books as far out as possible, nothing is guaranteed, but you could most likely wait until the last minute on their books and still obtain a copy. I guess it also depends on where you shop for your collected editions.

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