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    Quote Originally Posted by foxley View Post
    Well, Usain Bolt usually runs in the same direction as all of the other runners. Here we all start on the same starting line, but could end up anywhere.
    Obligatory Monty Python: 100 meter dash for people with no sense of direction.

    And congratulations Ajax_X!
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    Congratulations to Ajax_X for a marvelous, fantastic cover which managed to catch people's eyes. After all, the eyes had it.

    The captain is totally impressed with the theme this week. The circle is a deceptively simple shape. As those of us who didn't sleep through plane geometry remember, a circle is the coplanar set of points equidistant from a single point, called the center. It's a very tough shape to draw correctly free hand, but using help, it can be a powerful part of visual art. I am now seriously considering delving into Dante's Divine Comedy. Not sure how many comic book adaptations there are, but this sounds like something P Craig Russell would fit well into doing. Or the captain could just read the actual graphic free original. Is the captain rambling again? "No", you respond, "'again' implies you stopped at some point and restarted. You are rambling STILL"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stony View Post
    Press Play:

    Look, I was born in 1975 so I have full recolection of the days of 3-4 channels, still. I can imagine being 12, 13, 14, 15, maybe stoned, maybe not and seeing this performance come on with the colors and shit and having this blow, your mind for 2 & 1/2 minutes. What if you were in the same room as someone older who saw it in a totally different light, laugh out loud. No way to rewind it, or even a real thought you might not ever see this performance ever again. That shit is hilarious.

    Not as trippy, or in the say mushroom filled way at least but I remember being a kid and seeing Prince's When Doves Cry for the first time. Something about being a certain age and peeping a musical performance that kind of soft reboots you in way nothing else had before. Thought it was cute anyway.
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    Congratulations, Ajax X!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by foxley View Post
    I looked, but the scream isn't often depicted on the cover. The only good one I found had BC in a costume I wasn't especially fond of. It was also a group shot and I felt it was bit too crowded. So instead I went with the way more obscure, but very artistic (kinda futurist) Spellbinder cover from Detective Comics. (And she's a villain the Batman writers should really bring back.)
    Ah. Fair enough. I would've thought there'd be more. Or barring her, Banshee and/or Siryn would work.

    Thank you very much to Kai "the Spy" for the lovely reciprocal vote! ^_^

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    Congrats Ajax_X! Had I remembered that cover I would have posted it myself. Funnily, I remember Spinerette the most from this humorous breaking the 4th wall spread from Byrne in Sensational She-Hulk #5.

    And to continue the She-Hulk conversation…
    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainEurope View Post
    I'm hoping this entry is on target.
    I was considering posting this Greg Horn homage but thought, not enough circles. Ah well.
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    Congratulations Ajax_x

    .... and Thanks to Tami for the vote, which was sure spread out!

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