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Naomi is.

Again, if the existence of the sword (which she has used since the Perez run) was about them being insecure about female superheroes, they would have given swords to all their female heroes. The more likely explanation is that Diana was given a sword is that as a character based in Greek mythology it made sense. You're free to dislike it but accusing DC of being insecure about female superheroes is inaccurate given the evidence.
They aren't insecure about female heroes in general, just the ones that have their own ongoings who aren't tied to Batman. And the sword becoming a regular tool came with the change of making her more violent just like they did with Supergirl and making her more violent to the point they made her a red lantern.

It’s also funny because in an interview Perez said he knows he’s the one who introduced Diana using a sword, but you could tell he wasn’t pleased with how often she uses it now.