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    Meh, probably not. There are those who probably deserve it, but just taking them out, only means there will be more to pick up where they left off, and end of the day I'm not really in a great position to figure exactly who would really deserve it. Most actual criminals of that noriorty are already caught, and this becomes an absolute mess to decide who else actually really deserves, and the repercussions of doing such a thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cthulhu_of_R'lyeh View Post
    Ms. AndPointies however, might use it on me, a time or few. Just to remind me to RSVP when I stop by next time.

    She scares me.
    Good lord, no. O_o She's not into torment.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharkerbob View Post
    Simple Answer... yes.
    Well, we knew THAT. ^_^
    Why Are We Here?, by Pendaran

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    no. i'd burn the thing. that's too much power for one person to hold, let alone a fucked up writer such as myself. plus, i'm a vengeful dude when my anger to sparked, so i don't trust myself to be rational with it. and it's a slippery slope from "people who deserve to die" to "people i want to die for getting in my way".

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    Interesting answers.

    Here is why I posted this. (My first exposure was the movie which I absolutely loved)

    At first my answer was No, I wouldn't use it.

    Then I read about a the incident in Stanford, the father defending it saying it was "20 minutes of action," (and he has a daughter of his own) and the judge that nearly dismissed the case. There was no justice for that victim. The entire family is flat out disgusting. Should I see if karma gets them or do the world a favor and write some names down? Overall, its tempting.

    Although I probably wouldn't use it, personally, I would like to have it just in case of an emergency. For example another 2013 Alabama bunker hostage crisis. If that happened, then no hesitation.
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