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    Default Overthinking Exercises

    Here's a thread for positing questions or theories that require ridiculous overthinking to come up with them.

    For instance, why did the tesseract send Red Skull to be a guide to the Soul Stone? Does this mean the Soul Stone wasn't accessible at all until this? Was there another guide before Schmidt? If so, what happened to them, and why does the tesseract care? Are the stones connected because they have and share intelligence? Is there an intellect that controls the stones?

    What are your overthinking exercises?

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    I think that DC/Warner Bros is overthinking Superman at the present moment and as a result there are no movies on the horizon except from Ta-Nehisi Coates Superman if it gets approved. Superman in comics is being under thinked for the past 10 years-there's really not a coherent story. And they are currently doing another death of Superman story.

    Cyborg has been overthinked in comics and film. cyborgs generally speaking does not have to be portrayed as someone with added mechanical parts. they can look more organic.
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