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    Gotham may be in New Jersey, but we never know for sure. Metropolis may be in Rhode Island, but maybe not. In the 70's Gotham and Metropolis were on opposite sides of a bay and united by a bridge. (A situation revived in the newest DC movies.) It's always fuzzy where they actually are.

    Similarly Coast City is north of Los Angeles and Star City is... on the West Coast. Star City has moved a lot over time. I always thought it was on the coast of Washington State somewhere, but it's often implied to be in northern California.

    Then there's Central City and Keystone City. These two are located on either side of a river. It seems pretty definite now that Central City is in Missouri and its twin Keystone is in Kansas.

    And then there's Midway City. This one was big in the Bronze Age but has faded since. I always thought it was a replacement for Chicago but apparently its supposed to be in Michigan right on the border. Midway City was nearly destroyed in the first Suicide Squad movie.

    The only other "big" fictional city is Opal, a recent invention that's definitely in Maryland somewhere.

    After that we get to really obscure places like Fawcett, Gateway and Ivy Town, and eventually to places like Blue Valley and New Venice. But this road trip has lasted long enough.
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