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    Default Weakest Bat-family member that can fight Narutoverse Ninjas (Read OP)

    Who's the weakest member of the Batman family that can fight Naruto ninjas?

    speaking of Ninjas from Naruto universe in this scenario, they don't need to be named characters here, bog-standard ones suffice
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    Again with the "weakest" term here. Each of them has their own strengths, some of which can eclipse even Bruce himself. So "weakest" is subjective at worst, and situational most other times.

    That said, comparing them to a world where a bunch of people were magically empowered by a tree, with a bunch of different but generally useful skills, makes this a situational at best vs match.

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    Now I kind of want to see Alfred hunting Pre-timeskip Konohamaru down in the back alleys of Gotham.
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    Spoiler vs. background unnamed ninja #7

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