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    Question How does Dr. Manhattan's vision fit in Future State?

    Hi guys

    At the end of Doomsday Clock Dr. Manhattan told of a number of visions that will happen to the DC universe, such as an event that might reboot the DC universe again and how Superman will return to save the universe from a threat that is dangerous to the entire universe. A few years later, we were introduced to Future State, a dark future that has a new Superman, a new Batman, and even a new Justice League.

    My question is, how does Dr. Manhattan's vision fit in Future State?

    And with how things are going, is Manhattan's visions still valid after the recent changes?

    I'm not mad about the changes, in fact I'm actually interested and excited, but I'm curious about the connection between Future State and Manhattan.

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    Geoff Johns doesn't seem to be involved in what will happen with future books, so the default answer is that Doctor Manhattan and his visions will never appear again. Of course some other writer could choose to pick up on those ideas, or DC editorial itself. But the visions weren't actually a promotional teaser for what DC has in mind, it was just a commentary on the patterns of DC stories.
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    Just because "Everything happened" doesn't mean that anyone ever has to speak of it again.

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    At a wager, the mess Johns’ constant delaying Doomsday Clock and his concurrent spectacular downfall probably soured anyone using his take. It’s noticeable that the HBO version seems to be the one the comics are working from now

    There’s also the fact that there is considerable distaste for using the Watchmen mythos in mainstream DC comics, even though odds are one of Doomsday Clock’s corporate purposes was/is to wear down resistance to the idea.

    Would I be surprised if Clark or Nostalgia rock up in 7 Soldiers? No. Do I expect them to ever show up as more than crisis fodder under any other writer, also no
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    I think a possible re-boot will always be on the table for DC, I think in some ways that was just them hedging their bets.

    The rest mostly seems like safe assumptions at the time, even if they don’t fit now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seismic-2 View Post
    Just because "Everything happened" doesn't mean that anyone ever has to speak of it again.
    We should be so lucky... but this is DC we're talking about.
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    Snyder and DC hand waved away Doomsday Clock, still the 5G replacements stuff is still happening.

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    I don't think any future predicted in a superhero comic happens as portrayed originally. I think we may see one or more stories teasing the events such as what happened with Ollie's arm (predicted in Dark Knight Returns) and Superman. There was also Legion 300 which teased Shadow Lass/Woman and the Science Asteroid mentioned in Adventure 354. But the list of stuff has potential and I can't imagine some writers looking it over and going "hmmmm..."
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