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    Default Duffy, Martin, 80's comics, & Star Wars mania as an artistic inspiration

    The final issues of Marvel Comics' original Star Wars series are some of the most weird and innovative sci-fi comics ever. The unstoppable combo of writer Mary Jo Duffy & artist Cynthia Martin were like a post-modern Simon & Kirby for the Copper age and it was their work that really made those final Star Wars issues so special and awesome.

    Nearly their entire SW run is collected in the 7th and final volume of Dark Horse's Marvel SW reprint collection series. The entire run appears at the end of the more recent DH SW Marvel years omnibus no. 5 (Cynthia Martin art even adorns its cover)

    Much more than just another head grafted to the giant SW hydra, to me these comics represent Copper age style at its finest and (from a historical standpoint) these books form a testament to Star Wars' greater cultural impact beyond comics and fantasy.

    A new two part overview of the importance of the Duffy/Martin Marvel Star Wars issues has just been published. Here's where you can read both parts,

    Part 1 -

    Part 2 -

    The big questions posed therein: Did the Star Wars myth revolutionize the world? Or did the real world revolutionize Star Wars?

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    That run gets a wide range of responses - some people love it, some hate it.

    Here's a discussion thread about the whole Marvel Star Wars series, with several points of view represented:
    The discussion forum for fans of 20th-century comics:

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