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    Quote Originally Posted by Jbenito View Post
    Good point. And it was mentioned in Hellions how the Marauders came back messed up each time Sinister cloned them.
    Yeah, I do like this idea, since I could imagine that Sinister probably doesn't believe in souls, or care if his Marauder/Nasty Boy clones are getting more unhinged over time.

    I also like the notion that even the Celestial resurrection process that Apocalypse was using on the Dark Riders and Horsemen might have led to some degradation over time, which could explain why Poccy was always replacing them... Particularly in the case of the Inhuman Dark Riders, it would make sense that copies would possess less internalized terrigen, and manifest lower level abilities.

    Maybe 'guns-for-hands' (Barrage?) used to be able to reform his hands into guns quickly and efficiently, and even turn his feet into blasters that allowed him to fly like a rocket, but over a half-dozen resurrections, his 'terrigen levels' have been so diluted that he can just barely convert his hands into blasters over the course of like, an hour, and so he has to walk around with gun-hands all the time, just to be useful and not be caught with useless human hands and no offensive abilities (on a ship full of 'survival of the fittest nuts!').

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    Quote Originally Posted by king of hybrids View Post
    I feel that people really overestimate the robustness of the Protocols, when there’s a number of fairly fragile working parts that have been seemingly actively neglected in everyone’s veneration of The Five. The Data crystals for example

    Billy (or hell, even a c-list named sorcerer) could snap his fingers and every single Crystal Krakoa has, along with everyone recorded on them, turns to dust
    Right on, someone hijacked the logic crystals and we know they are key to mind storage , so that is the cornerstone for me.Sure Omegas and all sorts of redundancies exist to keep Krakoa on its feet but logic crystals are not only a finite resource, Krakoans depend on goodwill with another civilization to have any consignment.So it is is not an absolutely invulnerable scheme.

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    Considering that The Trial of Magneto storyline is hinted to reveal a lot of Krakoa's dirty laundry and dark secrets in the process . . . well, I'm guessing we might be seeing the answer to this question sooner rather than later.
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