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Hugely appreciated!

But dude...

...my apartment is on the earth. If the earth goes boom, then so does my apartment. And someone has objections to that.

I can't take credit. ^_^

But really, I know you've been working behind the scenes to keep away the other squamous Eldritch Monstrosities. It's all that Internet you can't live without any more.
The internet is actually the madness equivalent of a perpetual motion machine. Sort of just... keeps me from needing to wake up and usher in an Eldritch Age. Plus sometimes a show comes out that's worth watching. Mostly you doing the heavy lifting, though.

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It sneaks up on you when you least expect it.

But then I never really expect it.

Wisdom is like breath. It’ll keep you alive but you can’t hold it for long.

(I’m… I’m actually quite proud of that. I hope to see it on a horribly cheesy motivational poster someday.)
This sounds like something Nyarlathotep would say.

I got my eye on you.