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    Default Belial (Ultraman) vs. Awakened Eva 01 (Rebuild)

    They fight in a small town.

    Belial is in his base form. Shinji / Eva 01 are fired up and ready to go in Awakened Form.
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    Considering Belial in his base form beat every fighter the Land of Light had at the same time(short of Noa and Zero) and was only stopped short by King? Shinji and Yui might not do too well. Over his career which seemingly ended in Geed, we've seen him dimension dump both himself and others. Hell, we don't even know how he came back from the dead.

    If he has the Giga Battlenizer and its loaded, Shinji will have 100 other Kaiju to deal with and it will come down to what Belial has in there. if he'd loaded up with 100 Darklops beforehand? Uh oh.

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