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    Quote Originally Posted by Tien Long View Post
    Another huge part of my Sunday morning viewing was Ultraforce, based on the Malibu line of heroes:

    Looking back on it now, wow the entire series was a mish-mash of the X-Men (some of the voices from the X-Men cast were used) and the Mortal Kombat theme song.
    I absolutely loved this show and to this day yell out the occasional ULTRAFORCE!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirby101 View Post
    First they fight each other, then they team up to fight the real enemy.
    Which turns out to be one of them all along.

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    Running The Halls

    One of the teen Saturday morning TNBC shows about 7 teens attending a boarding school called Middlefield Academy.

    It was a cute, fast-paced show that was a little different than the other Saved By The Bell / California Dreams series around in 1993. It lasted one season but was a favorite of mine.

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