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    Default Sakamoto (Sakamoto Days) VS 616 Spiderman

    R1) No web shooters for Spiderman. Neither is willing to kill.

    R2) Spider-Man has his webshooters. Sakamoto has guns, knives, and grenades. Both are bloodlusted.

    Who wins?

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    I've been like half-reading Sakamoto Days, I just can't quite get into it, but from what I've seen this is a pretty close match.

    Sakamoto seems to hit a lot harder than Peter but Peter lifts more, both are in the high-end bullet time level but Peter has Spider-Sense to give him negative reaction times which could be an edge. Both are stupid durable, Sakamoto possibly taking the edge there.

    Hard to say to be honest. I think maybe Peter, webshooters might be a bit too good in the second scenario.
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    Sakamoto got some pretty good durability feats in the latest chapter

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