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    Default Emotional Controllers

    Three people who use their Emotional controlling devices battle each other....

    Who's emo control is stronger and controls the others?

    Starfox vs Purple Man vs Psycho Pirate

    1. Just using their pheremones/equipment
    2. Just fighting one another fist to fist
    3. Who could gain the most control of meat shields in an all out war?
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    1. Well, err… not Starfox. His powers really aren’t operating on the same level as Killgrave, for example.
    2. I don’t really know Psycho Pirate’s physical stats, but this really should be Starfox’s game to lose. He may not be his purple, butt-chinned brother, but he still gets a pretty decent version of the standard Eternal power-set.
    3. If it’s a war, I’d bet on the guy who, with prep, was controlling the entire world… except Victor Von Doom.

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    What about the mutant Empath?

    Wasn't Gambit said to have some empathy powers early on? Are they still there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenixx9 View Post
    What about the mutant Empath?

    Wasn't Gambit said to have some empathy powers early on? Are they still there?
    Empath really wasn't all that strong back in the day. Kinda had to focus on one person or a few and it went slowly.

    Gambit did sort of have something like that early on, but it was basically just "this glow makes me like 8% more charming."

    Neither are a whole drop in the bucket of Kilgrave.
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