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    Quote Originally Posted by DrNewGod View Post
    I thought so as a kid, but I've been rereading the Silver Age (currently in 1966). I'm noticing that there are differences in the characters, just not extreme ones. Green Lantern and Flash probably have the starkest distinctions. Even tho they were both All-American Good Guys, Hal was a a bit of a cocky snit, and Barry more of a dependable nice guy.
    I agree. They are emphatically not characterized the same, which was a surprise to me when I first read the stories, given all I'd heard about the silver age. Ralph isn't the same as either of them, either. I feel sometimes like the exaggeration of certain traits later (likely because they are on teams together and want more overt differentiation) sometimes (not always, but sometimes) flattens the characters a bit. You know, when you stop and think about if you were interacting with their out-of-costume selves IRL, would you sort of avoid them? Hal particularly suffers from this in some versions (again, not all). I'm not including the parody-ish Ralph that I despise.

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    Cyborg and daddy issues or "am I more man than machine?"
    This specific shit right here.

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