GI Joe: A Real American Hero (Marvel Comics) inspired this Olympics-toasting adventure story about the ninja Storm-Shadow and his girlfriend Stargirl involved in an Olympics anti-terrorism blood-diamond venture. Hope you like it,


Amlan Satan is the Algerian-American operative Storm-Shadow, the blood-diamond ninja-infiltrator with Interpol-relations in Europe/Asia working to cease terrorism-financing with African gems. Elka Maes is the gorgeous Belgian operative Stargirl, working alongside her boyfriend Satan (Amlan) in a new mission for blood-diamond extraction involving the Euro-baron Goldfinger. The Olympics 2020 are in Tokyo, and Amlan's been studying blood-diamond traffic in Asia from his computer at CalTech, while Elka has been attending terrorism-financing symposia in Europe hosted by paramilitary agents of GI Joe (USA). These two are a real hot couple, but they'll soon have to don their double-identities before they head to the Tokyo Games.


Storm-Shadow becomes the ninja he is, and Stargirl becomes his valuable and irreplaceable swordswoman-ally. Storm-Shadow/Stargirl appear on the streets of Tokyo by the Olympics sports-events arenas performing street-shows dressed in their dual-ninja costumes and juggling water-guns and swords. The water-guns, however, are actually secretly filled with corrosive acid. Baron Goldfinger's to arrive at one of these sports-events in Tokyo during the Olympics holding a metal box containing $20 million Vanderbilt terrorism-financing blood-diamonds to showcase to his fat-cat investors inside the aristocracy-spectator box in the sports stadium. Storm-Shadow/Stargirl prepare for the worst.


The Tokyo Olympics officials really have no choice but to trumpet Baron Goldfinger's entrance as a clear sign of capitalism opulence and gems, and when the baron arrives at the fencing-event arena in Tokyo, Storm-Shadow/Stargirl are already there, outside in the parking-lot, performing their now rather popular cult-favorite Olympics street-theater with water-guns and swords. When they spot Goldfinger carrying his signature metal-box with his blood-diamonds inside, they immediately encircle him, and Stargirl reveals her water-gun is filled with acid, while Storm-Shadow uses his sword to hold off the baron's two guardsmen by the knees. Stargirl discreetly pulls Goldfinger by the side of a parked SUV and uses the acid-gun to burn a hole through his handheld metal-box with the blood-diamonds and swaps the gems for fakes and orders him to carry on and showcase his 'fakes' to his aristocratic friends in the spectator-box during the fencing-event. The heist has been a successful match for Goldfinger's attempt to corrupt the Olympics.


STORM-SHADOW: We did it, sweetheart.
STARGIRL: I love you.
STORM-SHADOW: We'll now have traded Swiss assets.
STARGIRL: Through Interpol-relations(?).
STARGIRL: Goldfinger's seen his match this round.
STORM-SHADOW: The art of fencing has been drawn.
STARGIRL: I love you!


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)