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    Quote Originally Posted by mogwen View Post
    Look at UK(and specifically England), Mets and you'll see that what should be depends on the goodwill and competency of it's leaders and that things that'd be logical does not work in a toxic environment.
    Not sure why you single out England...factually once population sizes, population density and age profile have been allowed for infection rates, death rates, etc have been similar in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England.

    That’s despite the fact that policy in this area has been devolved to the different constituent countries of the the Scottish Government, for example, has been free to “do their own thing” and has done so from time to time. (Though the 4 countries have ultimately done broadly similar things....but each made their own choices.)

    Looking at the UK overall results...I think it’s self evident that the overall U.K. management of the pandemic has been relatively poor.

    But...having said said...the UK as a whole is massively dependent on keeping trade going for food and many raw materials and is densely populated...the strict controls on flights in and out available to some islands (e.g. New Zealand) would never have been viable for Britain.
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    It WILL end. When we have Vax Passports & a National registry with everyone's status in a huge honking database like the ATF has.

    We already see certain industries putting their foot down like healthcare/airlines/retail moving towards get the Vax or stay home. This courtesy of placating the Plague Rats is coming down like dominoes in a house of cards. Checkmate!


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    I pray every day that it ends soon.
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    It won't really ever end, because viruses are always mutating. Killing off one strain of corona virus just helps it mutate to another form that's fit to survive. But you might be able to end this strain of the virus--if you help all countries in the world and not just your own. This is why foreign aid is important, because by funding health programs in impoverished countries you help them prevent spread of the virus, so it doesn't travel back to your own country. There has to be a global effort to fight the virus and rich countries have to share the vaccine with poor countries. Otherwise the virus will just keep circulating around the world--hiding out in places where it can survive and then coming back to countries that had beat it before.

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