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    Quote Originally Posted by Guy_McNichts View Post
    Wonder Woman can get so caught up in her mission and truth, she doesn't realize some aren't ready or are unwilling to confront their flaws.
    That's a good one.

    Quote Originally Posted by JackJustMetMartin View Post
    Not really. Dick basically raised Damian when Bruce was dead, also despite not wanting to Dick took on the Batman mantle. He's led several teams over the years and has been several times the undisputed leader in a team of superpowered heroes. And sure he didn't seem to bother with building trust and relationships with the Outsiders when he was with them, but Dick was also severely depressed and emotionally devastated during his Outsider days.

    Dick's greatest personality flaw in my opinion is that he holds himself to a stupidly high standard. He tries to match an idealized version of Bruce, and never can. This leads to feelings of inadequacy and Dick feeling like an impostor.
    Good points; when I explore why I worded it that way, I think it has to do with his romantic relationships. But I might be wrong on that also.

    The imposter syndrome thing is real for him but I feel like he's moved past it. But comics are cyclical anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robanker View Post
    The Spectre's is easiest in my mind. He has a direct line to the Almighty and therefore his judgment is divine. None can question him, for he is part of the Presence which is supreme in his perfection.

    He needs a human host to humble him and provide fear of the Almighty. We're mortal. We fear God. We're the leash he puts on his attack dog he calls the Spectre. We keep him in line and answering to the Presence who prefers to keep a level of abstraction between him and us to allow plausible deniability that he involves himself in our actions. He puts that level of abstraction in a green cloak and makes it thrive on punishing those it seems wicked, and even then the criteria for who will be on his butcher's block are known only to The Spectre and Presence alone for none else deserve to know the mysterious ways in which they move. Ours is to fear and repent, terror matched only by zealous fervor. He may be reasoned with, for doing so still provides him the final judgement, but never questioned.

    It's arrogance, full stop.

    I may have thought a lot on this and put a pitch together a while back. Maybe. I'll never tell.
    Nice. It almost sounds like the way Butcher treated angels in his Dresden books, vastly powerful, but utterly shorn of agency.

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    Wonder Woman - Compassion leads her to try to be friends with people who don't deserve it or abuse it (Barbara Minerva, Circe, Superman, Batman, etc).

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