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    Default DC Cities and countries

    I know about the Atlas of the DC Universe, but it's a bit old now.

    But more than that, I am more interested in readers' perceptions of towns and countries in the DC Verse. From Amnesty Bay to Zambesi, what are your thoughts?

    How many people in Amnesty Bay? Gotham? Central City?

    How urbanized is Zambesi? What's it's median income? What are the major exports?

    Do you favor particular industries in particular cities?

    And, more canon-based: do we have any sort of this information that is less than a decade old?

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    According to DCEU wiki which I don't know the source the population for Gotham is 12 million

    In the other wiki, also no source mentioned, Population (2000 census)
    Pre-No Man's Land: 8,168,564
    Post-No Man's Land: 2,722,851

    In New 52 the Q-core (Queen Industries) laptop seems to be the favored tech

    I don't have a personal favorite industry yet

    I like the Wayne Foundation building in the 70s

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