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    Default Salty Banana comic - free on Gumroad!

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Mihe and I am an animator, illustrator and a comics artist from Croatia.

    I've just published an original work which you can read for FREE on Gumroad! Payment is not needed, though tips are appreciated (if you like it!) ;P

    Read it here!

    It's 30 pages of drama, romance, revenge and fun times!
    The comic follows SALTY BANANA, a kind but passionate and at times impulsive girl, and her struggles in the world of modern life.

    Check it out! You have nothing to lose, and maybe you end up having fun!

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    Hi, I'm also planning to publish my works on Gumroad, a custom writing company for digital entrepreneurs and top-earning creators. But I need to find an illustrator for at least my first comic.

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