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    Default Which resurrection did you think was the coolest thing as a kid?

    Reading Daredevil #191 without flipping through it first. I believe I wept when I got to that final splash page. This was especially jarring for me after having read Daredevil #181 and witnessing the brutal fight with Bullseye (my first time seeing the character).

    Though it proved to be a fake-out (and later retconned to be the actual real deal), the 'return' of Guardian over in Byrne's Alpha Flight. I remember sort of nodding my head along with him in agreeance as he explained his survival to Heather, like '...yeah...I can see that happening, makes sense'. It actually read, to me, as if Byrne was backtracking and regretted killing the character off in #12 and this was his clumsy way of undoing it. I was an idiot, the entire thing was a lie all along (again, until later writers said 'screw it').

    I'm not mad at how we got Bucky back. Likewise for Sharon Carter (after being dead for a couple of decades)--the explanations for both were reasonable to me.
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    I prefer not to tell you... just in case


    Johnny Storm coming back in Hickman's run was and remains one of the coolest death/ressurection for me. Even if it was very short, but him coming back with cool arm and having a freaking Annihilus as his pet... how can you top that? And the first thing he says lol "Pete... what the hell are you wearing?"
    It's not exactly from the times when I was a kid, I was like 18 or so, I haven't read that many comic books when I was younger and can't pinpoint the ressurections I thought were "cool".
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    Simon Williams/Wonder Man has had a few throughout the years,
    but my personal favorite (because it was so unexpected) would be the one from the Busiek/Perez run on Avengers (1998):

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    Quote Originally Posted by K7P5V View Post
    Simon Williams/Wonder Man has had a few throughout the years,
    but my personal favorite (because it was so unexpected) would be the one from the Busiek/Perez run on Avengers (1998):

    Great post, K7!

    Usually they seem to want to show Hyperion beating Simon.

    I like Simon bringing it to both Hyperion and Power Princess. Also that Thor needed help!
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    I was no longer a kid by 1975, but had been reading for nearly 10 years.

    I suppose the Jackal/Gwen-clone/Clone-Spidey was very thrilling to read around then. But nothing much before.

    The trope hadn't taken off yet?
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    First seeing Wonder Man come back blew me away. And on the villain side I was really fooled by Norman's death. Because they went with it so long. When he came back I was like whoa? a 20 year build up. This is amazing!

    Some that I hated coming back were Colossus. His death was noble and it was cheapened by his return. I love the character but I could live with him not being back for so many years and have this kind of hero (Among heroes) status. Wouldnt even be upset if they couldnt have brought him back in Koroka if he was gone for so long.
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