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    Default How dangerous are these two composite characters?

    All credit to the artist, I just found the thing.

    Presuming all things stack, how do these step stack up? And what are all the references you see?
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    So Spike as a Vizard from Bleach? He's pretty deadly.

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    Spike has a Saitama tattoo on his neck.

    Truly a worrying foe.

    More seriously, Spike adds nothing to Vaizard Ichigo's powerset and Mugen's swords is presumably a step down from whatever Zanpaktou he can actually summon.

    I think the tattoo on his forearm is a Fairy Tail reference? Not sure.

    Mokoto has a Death Note, an Angel Arm, a single Dragon ball, a Konoha armband, some Pokemon, and one of her arms looks like it's modelled on Ed's automail and the blue lightning might suggest alchemy.

    So honestly... not that strong? It's ninja trained Kusanagi with a really good gun, alchemy and a Death Note.
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