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    Default Juppongatana vs The Six Comrades

    Apparently the Six Comrades was the name of Enishi's group. No Iwambo for the Juppongatana since that would just be confusing, and Gein gets to show up to the fight with an Iwambo. We'll also just say Houji and Saizuchi are not present. That should bring it to Soujiro, Usui, Anji, Cho, Henya, Kamatari, and Fuji vs Banjin, Hyoko, Gein (/w Iwambo), Hyogo, Mumyoi, and Enishi.

    Feel free to answer with Shishio swapped in for Soujiro or Usui too.
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    I mean, one side has Soujirou and the other side has no one capable of triggering his mental issues before getting a sword to the face. Maybe Enishi could beat him if he has time to bring out the full power of Nerves of Insanity, but that would still require not getting shanked beforehand.

    Iwambo could also be an issue, but Soujirou hits as hard as Kenshin and could just leave him behind for someone like Usui, Anji, or Fuji to demolish instead.

    If Shishio takes his place, then things get a lot dicier, but Anji might still pull this in for the Juppongatana by by stunning Enishi with a ground-transmitted Futae no Kiwami (which would also be a nightmare for Mumyoi and Banjin) while Shishio is dueling him, though Usui could also be a viable assist, what with being approximately on the same tier...

    Kamatari also probably just annihilates Hyoko in passing, assuming that pretty much anyone else doesn't get to them first. Hyogo will also be relegated to collateral damage to anyone on the Juppongatana side barring maybe Henya.
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