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    Default How prevalent are 'extranormal vehicles'?

    So earlier in the current FF run we are introduced to the Department of Extranormal Motor Vehicles (DEMV) when it is found out that Frank and Val are driving Fantasti-cars without a license.

    So how prevalent are these extranormal vehicles considering there is a whole Department to deal with them? Danny Rand got plans off the internet to build a Fantasti-car. What about SHIELD surplus flying cars??

    This new guy in the Marvels series has 3/4 for an old flying bathtub but are there more things out there that normal people who are not supers may be driving/flying around on?

    Do people have access to sky-cycles, atomic steeds, surplus flight systems for SHIELD flying cars that can be adapted into whatever someone's daily driver is?

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    In the Marvel Universe at this point, it wouldn't be completely implausible. Hell, as one of the common sayings in the cyberpunk genre goes, "The street finds its own use for things." This sounds like an example of that.
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