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    Question Opinions on the current Green Lantern volume by Thorne

    I've been reading the reviews and they don't seem too positive; I have yet to ready my floppies but I wanted to know everyone's thoughts on the current GL volume.

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    Well first things first, people are going to have an immediate problem based on subject matter. Basically the death and destruction of the green lantern corps and it’s members. That doesn’t endear people and immediately causes anger from fans. Nothing you can do about that no matter how well the story does.

    However if you can get past that then you get into basically evenly divided stories. You get a depowered John Stewart in a dark sector trying to survive and locate his lost lanterns, and then you have Jo from Far Sector handling on OA the fallout of the GLC destruction and teen lantern from Young Justice. So one half is a depowered fan favorite and the other half is following new characters in the worst possible situation. I genuinely like the sections if I’m honest, John’s story comes out as as a sci-fi fantasy adventure while Jo is very much a mystery.
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    I think it's well written, but I don't love the set up itself (which apparently was a company mandate). Actually, what I don't like is the destruction of the battery. I love the way the United Planets have reshaped the GLC (which I'm sure was Thorne's own idea).

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    There are review threads for the individual issues - shouldn't be very difficult to find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha View Post
    I think it's well written, but I don't love the set up itself (which apparently was a company mandate). Actually, what I don't like is the destruction of the battery. I love the way the United Planets have reshaped the GLC (which I'm sure was Thorne's own idea).
    Basically how I feel. Thorne has a good handle on John’s voice, and I like his Jo and Keli as well. He knows his stuff and references a lot of GL lore, this new worldbuilding he’s doing is interesting, and I’d like to see where he plans to go. But I just think the initial premise of “John and the GLC patrolling the Dark Sectors” was a way more interesting book than “the GLC Battery EXPLODES and the Corps is on the edge of extinction (again)”. But that’s on DC who seemingly mandated that part for him.
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    I dropped the book after issue #4 when we got confirmation of which GL's they killed off and it included Arisia. I had bad feelings after we saw her body floating in space in issue #3, but them confirming that she'd been killed off so cheaply and pointlessly for the sake of establishing "stakes" the straw that broke the camels back. The whole destroyed power battery and decimated corp plot wasn't really working me already, we've seen it before, and quite bit in fact. But I really dislike mass killing offs of established characters like this and having Arisia who suffocate in space offscreen really pisses me off. I'm not coming back unless Arisia's death is undone, or I at least have reason to believe the next writer is going to bring her back to life(if I don't decide to stick to wanting her revived first.)

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    I liked the first issue, I admit I've fallen a bit behind on it but I'm looking forward to reading the whole thing in trade.

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    If it was a company mandate to blow up the GLC (again!) then, hoo-doggie, they weren't doing Mr. Thorne any favors. 'Cause seriously, that's the least interesting thing you can do to the GL franchise at this point.

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    Iíve enjoyed it so far. As a fairly new Green Lantern reader (Iíve only read the Rebirth Green Lanterns title and Far Sector), I donít care for the battery blowing up again because for me itís not repetitive yet.

    Thorne has a good handle on Jo and Simone and made me like Keli and John instantly. Their dynamics feel fresh but familiar. There's no unnecessary drama between characters just emotional responses.

    The mystery behind the battery blowing up still intrigues me, and introducing magic folk as the enemy really grabbed my attention. I just think itís cool to mix sci-fi and magic or pit them against each other.

    I appreciate the clear cut between Johnís and the othersí narratives. It helps keep the focus and prevents a confusing back and forth.

    I also like how big everything feels? The United Planets and the Magic Realms offer a lot. And while I can't speak about Green Lantern lore, I'm guessing I should read Mosaic.

    I think going from Dexter Soy and Marco Santucci to Tom Raney and Marco Santucci after two Issues hurt the title a bit. But it's not as if these bait and switches are anything new. While the art is bit rougher around the edges now and - as has been pointed out in other threads - especially heads are sometimes too large, the layouts are good, the action sequences are dynamic, and the emotions are portrayed nicely. I've been hit in the feels quite a bit.

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