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    Default Create your ideal Wonder Woman

    There are different versions of Diana that everyone prefers and versions that some would want to combine together. Above is just some different variations to the characters overall look to remind you of what has been done. What does your perfect Diana/Wonder Woman look like/encompass?

    Preferred Tiara:
    Preferred Emblem:
    Preferred Hair: Straight/Curly?
    Preferred lower costume: shorts/star spangled skirt/star spangled bathing suit/battle skirt/pants/etc...
    Preferred Gauntlets: silver/gold/etc..
    Preferred Origin: Clay/Zeus/etc...
    Preferred Eye Color: Blue/Grey/Brown/etc..
    Preferred Powers:

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    Ooooo, this looks fun!


    Tiara: I like the Tiara she had in The Lies by Liam Sharp, it doesn't have a star but an eagle on it instead.

    Emblem: Emblem, Eagle W hybrid. Preferably more eagle than W, (like the 2nd one on the right in the 2nd row)

    Hair: Curly, curly hair. That blows in the wind constantly.

    Lower Costume: Battle skirt.

    Gauntlets: Silver.

    Origin: Clay baby origin.

    Eye Color: Brown.


    -Super Strength, speed, agility, senses.

    -Healing factor.


    -Animal speech.
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    I'd say this Jimenez Wonder Woman is about as close to what I think for my ideal Wonder Woman. I'd just give it the tiara used by Sharp in his issues.

    For the other stuff:

    Preferred Origin: Clay brought to life by the Goddesses.
    Preferred Powers: Super-strength, flight, animal telepathy, bracelet shockwaves, immune to mind control/illusions, limited invulnerability, etc, etc.
    Preferred Eye color: Blue
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    I'm in love with this one
    The tiara, the emblem


    I like the curly hair, or with waves. Not straight.
    Gautlets: silver, like the movie, maybe a littler shorter.
    Lower: I always dream behind the battle skirt she wear the star spangled thong. So both matching perfect.
    Origin: Clay, always clay, with the gift of the Goddesses (Gaea, Aphrodite, Athenea, Hestia, Hera, Artemis, Demeter and Hecate)
    Eye color: Grey (can see with the wisdom of Athena)
    Powers: Super super super strength, speed, flight,
    animal speech, healing, immune to mind control (because of the lasso),
    very smart, consummate detective,
    shockwaves when she hits her bracelets
    astral projection (or the thing she used to do to go to the world of the Gods)
    Her vulnerability should be her innocence and the faith she has in others and in the human race.

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    This image says it all to me:


    (But a battle skirt also works.)

    Clay origin, not invulnerable, blue eyes.
    I only support clay origins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Largo161 View Post
    This image says it all to me:


    (But a battle skirt also works.)

    Clay origin, not invulnerable, blue eyes.
    WW just like the likes of Superman have never been invulnerables. They can be hurt. But they are super durable and tanky.

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    Design: I want a design that combines regality with athleticism. I would use this as a basis and make a few alterations

    I would give her cullotes (a skirt with close bottom like a pair of shorts) just like her origin design. It's romantic but also athletic. I would take away the shoulder metal plates from that fan art and I would bring back the original tiara and potentially hairstyle. It makes her seem regal which is very important in terms of defining her archetype, but it also makes ger seem like a leader in command. And I would give her the Otto Schmdt wrestler build. Buff Diana.

    Reference for cullotes:

    Reference for Tiara, hair, and body type:

    I don't want her to fly. She's just an athlete.

    She has an indestructible lasso that can be used like Ghost Rider's chain combined with Spider-man's webs, and can twirl really fast around her creating a medium barrier versus bullets and other small stuff. My most controversial ideas are that her strength is that was defined by prophecy as equal in strength to any challenge she ever met. This means that Diana will always be as strong as whoever she faces. If she is fighting the Joker she will be as strong as the Joker. If she is fighting the anti monitor she will be as strong as the Anti monitor. The point being that skill and intelligence are what make a difference. And of course that when fighting Darkseid you aren't just dealing with his super strength but also his lasers, which she doesn't have, so equal strength won't always make her equal.

    And while Diana is human in almost everyway, her bones, muscles and organs are incredible durable, while her skin is moderately vulnerable, and it doesn't bleed or pierce, it cracks. Oh and Diana has unending stamina. She can never get physically exausted, just incapacitated.
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    Preferred Tiara:Original, one point (up) with red star.
    Preferred Emblem: Eagle
    Preferred Hair: Straight
    Preferred lower costume: shorts and stars
    Preferred Gauntlets: silver (Perez-style)
    Preferred Boots: Red with the white stripe (and heels)
    Preferred Origin: clay
    Preferred Eye Color: Blue
    Preferred Powers: Perez origin

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    Senior (minus the necklace and belt):

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    Preferred Tiara: Golden with a red star, maybe a triple moon symbol around the star
    Preferred Emblem: Eagle that's also a double W
    Preferred Hair: Curly, medium to long length
    Preferred lower costume: Battle skirt, with some golden stars on it
    Preferred Gauntlets: Silver with golden edges
    Preferred Origin: Sculpted from clay brought to life by Athena and Aphrodite
    Preferred Eye Color: Grey

    Preferred Powers:

    - Godlike strength (raw and striking), speed (travel and reflexes), and durability (virtually indestructible, immune to fire and ice)
    - Flight
    - Divine blood for a healing factor
    - 15 divine senses (like how Darkseid has 18)
    - Heighten intelligence (as wise as 10,000 scholars)
    - Omnilingual
    - Animal communication
    - Near immunity to mind control, illusions, and reality warping via Grey Eyes of Athena
    - Empath specifically to compassion and love via Aphrodite
    - Command over Zeus's lightning and Hestia's fire
    - Witchmode via Hecate

    Equipment: Gauntlets of Victory, Lasso of Truth, Royal Tiara and Belt of the amazons, Sword/Spear and Shield of Athena, and the Golden Eagle Armor (when she needs it)

    I'd go into specific abilities of her equipment but my post would be too long lol
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    Also, not as her default appearance but red cape with the gold trimmings worn as kind of a poncho is a good accessory.

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