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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleric of Hell’s Brigade View Post
    There is also the problem of range. 100 ft starting distance might be outside the casual real ‘snap their necks’ or ‘TK their blasters’ trick. IIRC, Dooku might not even have feats for that, and that’s against two opponents who will absolutely be going different directions (flying and running) at the start of the bell, splitting his focus.
    We've seen Jedi and Sith alike capable of using force powers at long range and weapon-snatching is pretty much novice-level stuff that's well within his capabilities.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arsenal View Post
    Of course he could but why would he? It's just 2 guys with (he'd assume) blasters. Nothing a Sith Lord can't handle.

    It's entirely possible he'd be dead before even realizing his mistake.
    I'm not setting the rules here but I imagine 'Those are guns' would fall well within common knowledge.
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    slug throwers are a thing in Star Wars anyway so there's no reason to assume he wouldn't be familiar with them, in fact the projectiles being effective against lightsabers is apparently a thing there as well.

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