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    Quote Originally Posted by Vordan View Post
    Procedural generation ¬“could¬” do that but it can not match the depth of hand placement like the Arkham series version of Gotham.
    You don't have to create an entirely procedurally generated universe either.Regardless,rendering and simulation works with this basic principle.Only things visible in a frame is allocated memory as far as i know.

    The only thing that need hand placement in superverse is apocalypse and new genisis, metropolis,war world(something that's definitely needed. A planet weapon with gladiatoral pits and junk)..etc.That's it.Heck! Superman going to source wall would be on heck of a task.It would really make clark look like a spec.

    the issue would be adding other cities of dc on earth like gotham,star city..etc.i am of the mind that those don't need in depth execution.

    On a side note,Seriously only a hand full of american comics artist/writers have impressed me.Kirby is something else.Nobody comes close.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascended View Post
    This is what I've been saying, we could easily have a Superman game that allows us to explore the entire earth, the entire solar system, or the entire galaxy. The old limitations don't apply like they once did.

    Haven't played No Man's Sky, but it's on my radar and is a game I keep meaning to check out. Keep forgetting to mention it here, but it's graphics are way better than Minecraft or Megaton Rainfall, which just helps prove that you don't have to sacrifice every other aspect of gameplay to achieve a limitless map.

    Honestly, getting the powers and combat right, and creating a challenge while still making the player feel like Superman, are bigger challenges than the map size.
    You should check out Empyrion.,

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    Quote Originally Posted by manwhohaseverything View Post
    the issue would be adding other cities of dc on earth like gotham,star city..etc.i am of the mind that those don't need in depth execution.
    Agreed. I think you'd have to do a proper job with Metropolis, but other cities and locations around the world wouldn't require as much in-depth development and detail.

    I actually don't think you need to include cities like Gotham and Star at all. Are we talking about a Superman game, or a Justice League? There's more than enough toys in Clark's mythos, there's no need to include stuff from other characters.

    Quote Originally Posted by marhawkman View Post
    You should check out Empyrion.,
    I've heard some good things but this has largely flown under my radar. I'll check out some videos this weekend, see what's up. Thanks for the recommendation!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukmendes View Post
    DBZ Kart could be a fun experience .

    Either way, the way I see it, there are 3 big obstacles when making a Supes game, and they're all about his powers, flight, speed and invulnerability.

    While DBZ Kakarot was mentioned a few times, it's also worth pointing out that DBZ is a world where about every enemy can fly, so that doesn't affect the combat, you can fly, so can your enemy, and Supes has a lot of villains who can't fly, specially if he ends up fighting random mooks, while stolen tech can be excused to give them flight, all of them would be silly, and if you can just fly when your opponents can't, that is a huge advantage you have and can make the combat boring.

    Speed, that is a problem combined with flight, and it's not really combat related, the problem is that Supes can fly and fly fast, so a game with high end graphics could struggle to load other areas if he ends up being able to fly too fast, and his super speed ends up being used only for fast travel, then it's honestly, lazy.

    Invunerability, that's related to when he fights random mooks, 'cause, should they be able to even hurt Supes? 'Cause if they can then he's gonna look like a chump, if you make a plot excuse about Supes being weak then the producers are just being lazy, and if everyone has something like Kryptonite bullets it just looks silly.

    The game based on Superman Returns had the right idea when implementing this (I think it was that game? Not sure...), Supes doesn't have an HP, but Metropolis does, and if Metropolis takes too much damage, you lose, so using that is creative, could even have random mooks attacking civilians so you have to worry about protecting everyone while also stopping the villains, though this "civilians get attacked" is a very dangerous idea 'cause it could become an obnoxious mechanic real fast.

    So yeah, while I think this idea of "Superman is too strong" is stupid, that is kinda the case of you try to adapt him to a video game, 'cause again, random mooks can't just be able to hurt him, he's gonna look less "Super" in a game like that, his fligh can give a huge disadvantage against anything that doesn't fly, and his speed can make loading other areas complicated... Those aren't impossible obstacles to overcome, but they are obstacles, and if Supes were to get a Triple A game, then those obstacles are too big for those hacks with no creativity who make interchangeable Triple A trash.
    Heh funny. Since I'm on my phone I can't go to full detail yet. But basically, on it's very bones, DBZ Kakarot pretty much proves a Superman game can be made. Goku is very similar to Clark powerwise, in that game Goku can fly, run super fast,ect. Now, he doesn't crash into building or pass the invisible wall cause game mechanics and they don't need to be explained. It also had battles in midair.

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